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Major Computer Applications in Airlines (Research Paper Sample)


research paper on the Airline Computer Applications


Airline Computer Applications
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Airline Computer Applications
Flight Dispatch Applications
In order for one to possess a legal permission of conducting any aircraft operations, it is necessary to take various tests outlined by the government and aircraft organizations. The need to undertake the tests is to determine whether the applicant is eligible to operate on various aircraft operations. The tests also help in determining whether the applicants possess the required knowledge and judgment in order to prevent an aircraft accident. The applicant ought to demonstrate to have acquired knowledge in a number of fields related to the aircraft operations. Nowadays, most of the examiners require the recruits applying for aircraft operations to demonstrate the knowledge about computer produced calculations.
One of the fields that the applicant needs to acquire competent knowledge is about the procedures concerning dispatcher resource management. This gives a clear indication that the applicant will be able to conduct the required operations while offered an opportunity to conduct any operation related to aircraft. The application also needs to have competent communication and writing skills. The body that gives the applicant permission to operate on aircraft operations requires one to have a teamwork spirit. This is because a group of people conducts all the operations that relate to airline. Even though, everyone is entitled to conduct obligations relating to his/her career, the airline industry requires teamwork effort in order to run all operations smoothly. The applicant also needs to have the necessary knowledge about aeronautical decision-making. This is to indicate that the applicant will be able to apply the skills acquired through education in any demanding situation while operating an aircraft.
The other requirement that the applicant need to posses is about how he/she is eligible to assess and solve a certain problem within the aircraft system. The applicant also needs to be able to establishing any situation that requires consideration. A competent application also needs to have the ability to generate and evaluate several alternatives. Other requirement that the applicant ought to have includes possessing the knowledge of contingency planning. Another requirement is to use and operate all the support tools and technologies that relate to aircraft operations. Most of all these operations require the knowledge of applying computer skills in order to attain the required obligations.
Major computer Applications
One of the major computer applications in the airline services is the reservation system. Various operations take place under the reservation system. Some of these operations include airline schedules and fair tariffs. Other operations under this system include the passenger reservation and giving out of tickets to the potential customers. In most of the cases, all the outlined operations under the reservation system take place through the help of the computers. These services relate direct to the airlines distribution system that works under the reservation system. The outlined operation through the help of computerized systems pushes the necessary information to the global distribution systems. The GDS system helps in making the reservations that relate to most major airlines into a single system.
The other major operation that takes place in the airline through the help of a computerized system is messaging of information. All the massages that take place in the airline are computerized in such a way that distribution channels can be able to access the information contained in the GDS. Private companies run some of the GDS and therefore a computerized system is necessary for the airline to access all the required information. Most of the reservation system uses the computerized system in order to attain all the required obligations. Some of the operations that take place under the reservation system and require computerized system in order to attain the required obligations include:
Inventory management
Various operations take place under the airline’s inventory. The inventory in the airline is composed of various sections or classes. The booking of each class is different from the other and it is determined by the financial ability of an individual. This means that those people in the first class tend to pay much money compared to the one in the second class and in third class. Some of the airline contains up to about 26 booking classes and all of them require management of high technology. Under the inventory management, various activities that require computerized system include recording the price of every customer and which class the booked class. Most of the airline organizations tend to offer other services like giving the customers various hospitality services. Most of this hospitality services require calculations that are done mostly by the use of computers.
Other services that take place in the inventory management and require computerized system include importing of the data that relates to the various operations ought to take place in the airline. All the calculations and recording of data helps the organization to keep everything under control in order know when the organization is making loses or profits after every financial year. The other operations that takes place under the inventory management include the controlling the interface to an airline’s operations. All these activities require a computerized system.
Fare quote and ticketing

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