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Workplace Safety from Residual Toxic Gasses Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Identify an engineering problem and discuss it. The paper should be about its identification but also include what you believe should be done for a solution (types of research, analyses, resources, etc...). The solution must something that can be accomplished in 8 weeks. The solution must be an opportunity for creativity.
> you can identify any problem you want or in everyday life. (related to mechanical engineering if possible)
> don't go above 3 pages, please
>please let me know what problem you chose so that I can research it too.
> simple English, please
> for solution try to use simple engineering solutions such statics, dynamics, or thermo fluids.


Workplace Safety from Residual Toxic Gasses
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Workplace Safety from Residual Toxic Gasses
People working in workplaces with toxic substances are at risk of exposure. Gases become toxic when their rates of inhalation exceed the maximum allowable amounts. Companies use occupational exposure standard (OES) and the maximum exposure limit (MEL) to protect their employees (Arunkumar et al., 2018). MEL and OES are provided as guidelines and regulations in the workplace cautioning employees against exposure dangers. These companies also ensure that their processes are efficient and effective to prevent leakages that may expose employees to dangerous chemicals. For example, efficient gas vessels, channels, and pumps will ensure that there are minimal toxic gases within the workplace to achieve OES and MEL. However, mechanical components are rarely 100% efficient, which imply that these vessels, channels, and pumps could release toxic gases in small amounts, which after sometimes will accumulate to exceed toxic levels. Thus, there is a need to provide toxic detection and removal devices that will extract toxic gases from the environment through proper clean air circulation.
The issue of accumulating toxic gases is a major engineering problem that needs to be addressed to promote workplace safety. In most cases, companies rely on human senses to detect toxic fumes' availability within their workplaces, especially for gas dealers who emphasize regular maintenance of vessels, channels, and pumps. This means that if there are small amounts of fumes, that human nose cannot detect will be inhaled, which will have long-term effects on health. If there is a detection device that will detect even the smallest levels of toxic air, the device can alert users about the existence of small traces of toxic fumes for caution. The device can also alert ventilation and air circulation system to extract the fumes by creating a continuous air circulation (Walsh et al., 2015). This way, the workplace will achieve a safe working environment without the dangers of residual toxic fumes. Even gas companies are considered efficient and have a safe working environment; this device will be useful to remove residual toxic fumes.

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