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Nanotechnology in desalination Engineering Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Paper instructions

1. General background of the field ? problem definition
2. Currently used technologies
3. Drawback and disadvantages of the available (classical) solutions
4. How nanotechnology can help
5. Nanotechnology advances in the field as per detailed literature search: historical evolution up to most recent and promising advances/ideas/solutions.


Nanotechnology in desalination
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Nanotechnology in Desalination
Water is a paramount commodity for human survival. For centuries, it has proven to be an essential ingredient for sustainable development and healthy ecosystems. It is significant for ameliorating the global burden of disease and fostering the productivity and prosperity of the planet. It is also a vital linkage between the human race, the climate system, and the environment. The lack of informed management of this critical resource is one of the reasons for the problems concerning water shortage that the world faces. The prevalence of mediocre governance of water and its related resources increases the competition between various water-dependent sectors, which consequently triggers all kinds of problems. From a sociopolitical perspective, water has a function of mitigating risks, such as migration, famine, epidemics, political instability, and inequalities. It is, therefore, paramount to ensure that strategies are implemented that will guarantee that the world enjoys a sustainable water supply in an attempt to mitigate the unfavorable effects of extreme climatic changes.

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