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Reversible Energy Thermodynamic Process Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The purpose of the paper was to identify the factors that affect the thermodynamic process, specifically the reversible process.


Reversible energy Thermodynamic Process
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Reversible energy Thermodynamic Process
The thermodynamic process gets described as the process by which a system transforms from its initial stage to the final stage. During the process of thermodynamics, there are several properties that are involved in making the process successful: heat, temperature, pressure and volume are some of the factors that change during this mechanical process. Usually, the reversible process depicts the existence of the real process of thermodynamics. In explaining the process, often the Bernoulli’s Principle is applied since it brings about the factors and the features involved in the process. During the process, it is critical to understand the factors and the limits based on the behavior of the method, this way the optimum point of operation of the system can be clearly defined.
One of the clear operation principals of the reversal process should portray the maximum amount of work done since the energy involved in the process should be enough for the total change of state that is required. A good example that can be used to show the change of state involved in the process is the thermally insulated cylinders usually used to hold ideal gas. The gas trapped in the insulator held in using massless pistons and the mechanical system is believed to be in thermal equilibrium. The reversible process usually is performed in a state where it is at an equilibrium avoiding the production of entropy. The process is affected by various factors which will delve in depth in this essay:
• Friction is known to render the process involved in thermodynamics irreversible. Therefore, resistance can increase the work done in the thermal dynamic process. The surrounding get restored to the existing initial state of existence. By increasing the work required in has a direct effect on the thermal dynamic mechanical process taking place.
• Unrestrained Expansion can be described using the s...
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