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Telecommunication Engineering Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


the task talked about the future of telecommunication and mobile work


The future of telecommunication and mobile work
In future officers will definitely look different significantly (Stein, Newell, Wagner, Mari-Klara, & Galliers, 2015). Today's question objective is to have a visionary practice. The first vision to have is that office in the future might not exist and people will be working from wherever they are, the next vision is officers might be like hotels where people will be checking into cubicles whenever they need to work in other places. Due to easy accessibility of internet, personal digital assistants, and use of personal cell phones has increased the chances of people communicating easily and accessing anything they want right in their pockets including office activities, making physical office less needed (Stein et al, 2015).
However, no matter the state telecommunication and internet presence offices are an important place that provides the location, places for people to go and gather for one common objective, and that is physical space for a company to appear (Stein et al, 2015). These might seem hard to imitate in the virtual or computer-generated world, so while in the 2030 office will most likely exist, it will look like common ground for groups, people and companies to meet and give a common cultural practice, and rare drop-in employees, rather than daily specific desk report done today.

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