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Transformers Engineering Research Paper Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)




Research paper on Transformers
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Electrical transformers are electrical devices that transfer electrical current or energy between circuits done through electromagnetic induction. In many cases transformers have been used to increase the voltage of electricity at a given point. They can maximize the level of electrical energy. Electricity at some point have burned the houses of people and only through there transformers will the current be controlled. The energy from the main source is in high amounts and requires the transformers to measure it before it is released to the respective people. Thus, the transformer should have the capability to measure the level of energy that should reach the people. The role of this paper will be to examine the role played by the transformers and give the structural make up. It will also focus on the ways in which people should handle the transformers that are situated in their regions. It will give the advantages and disadvantages of using electrical transformers.
How transformers work
The transformer has trio be connected to a source of energy for it to function as it has been made to. The transformer is able to convert electrical power into much magnetic power. The transformer then transforms the magnetic field created into the required voltage output that is then taken through electrical cables to the places they are connected to. The transformers alternate the current to ensure theta the short are fully absorbed. The alternating current is supplied in the required voltage which might be higher than the one of the source of the power. Learning how the transformers work enables a learner to understand the roles of the electricity and their transmission (Zumel at al., 2005). The electricity cannot be transmitted to the parts of the country until it has reached the required measure. It should also pass through the transformers to ensure that in case of excess power, it has been absorbed to prevent the damage which might be caused by electricity. In order to ensure that electricity has been distributed to long distances it should be passed through a transformer in order to reach the capacity required. The voltage transformer reduces the current to lower and safer voltage which cannot affect the machines that are running using electricity.

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