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Risks Of Caltex Australia Limited & How They Can Be Avoided In Future (Research Paper Sample)


The paper discusses the risks associated with the Caltex Australia limited and how it can be avoided in future.


The research study is designed to perform risk analysis on Caltex Australia Limited which is a leading fuel supplier and retailer in the country. The research study will provide a detailed information on the company profile along with their market position, revenue generated, performance in the market, and much more with the help of graphical representation. Apart from that, the study will also discuss some of the various and major risks associated with the company by performing a risk analysis. It will also talk about the impact of these risks to the company's profit and revenue, and how the company can overcome these issues. Apart from that, the research study will also develop a risk hedging strategy which would allow in finding the ways Caltex Australia can tackle the risks. With the help of relevant security exchange, the study will find out the best derivative for Risk hedging along with its other elements such as the cost of hedging, number of contracts, benefit of hedging and the overall outcome of the hedging. All in all, this paper will provide a better understanding to the user on the various risks which the contacts Australia is exposed to and what measures the management of the company needs to take along with utilizing derivative securities in order to tackle the challenges to achieve organizational growth.
Company profile
Caltex Australia Limited is a leading fuel retailer and supplier in Australia and holds around 20 % of the market share. The company is a locally and public owned organization which also enable the investors to invest (Caltex Australia 2017). It was one of the first oil Companies in Australia along with Ampol to be listed on the Australian securities exchange and in the late 1940s, both the companies open their Refineries where they fiercely competed against each other in the oil industry. Both the companies work still relatively small until 1995 when both decided to merge and become the largest fuel and oil company in Australia. There are over 3600 employees are currently working with the car tax Australia and is known for its fuel service infrastructure with a large number of road tankers, storage and depot in both premium and regular type (Caltex Australia 2017). The company was founded in 1900s and is currently the only Australian oil and fuel company which is listed on the Australian security exchange. Caltex Australia has its headquarter in Sydney and they offer a large range of products which include diesel, premium fuels, lubricants, biofuel blend, and low aromatic blend (Caltex Australia 2017). The company deals in purchasing, distributing, refining and marketing petroleum products which source the supply of both the refined products and crude oil in the international market and refine crude oil into diesel, petrol, base oil for lubricants, jet fuel, bitumen and petroleum gas. Caltex Australia use network of pipelines, contracted and company owned transport played along with reports in order to supply products. As of 2014, the market capital of Caltex Australia was $5.36 billion with sales touching $23.49 billion. As per the statistics 2017, the cost operating profit of the company was $619 million, which increased by 1.5% as compared to the previous year along with $621 million of Replacement Cost operating profit, increased by 18 % as compared to the previous corresponding year (Caltex Australia 2017).

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