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Wireless Patient Body Monitoring System: Stakeholder & Risk Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


The task was to develop a project report on the wireless patient body monitoring system. The paper performed stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, communication analysis, etc.

Assignment ID 32754 Executive summary In this report study, we are going to understand work breakdown structure or simply known as WBS, which is considered as an effective project development plan. The study will offer a detailed understanding of work breakdown structure and how it can be used to plan a particular project in the telecommunication field. The report will identify the project requirements and constraints which include the cost and time involved for computing the project along with the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders. The study will also perform is still colder analysis along with risk assessment and communication processes that would require to efficiently complete the project. In this study, the proper use of Microsoft Project software will be done which is considered one of the most popular project management software developed by Microsoft. It can be used for assessing the project, developing plans, delegating resources, tracking the progress, analysing workload and management of the budget. Apart from that graphical representation of the project development plan using charts and graphs will be presented along with a detailed description of the project deployment plan concluded with a possible recommendation. Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc527367796 \h 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc527367797 \h 3Project requirement and constraints PAGEREF _Toc527367798 \h 3Stakeholder Analysis PAGEREF _Toc527367799 \h 6Communication analysis PAGEREF _Toc527367800 \h 6Risk analysis PAGEREF _Toc527367801 \h 6Microsoft Project Tool PAGEREF _Toc527367802 \h 6Conclusion and Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc527367803 \h 8References PAGEREF _Toc527367804 \h 9 Introduction In this report, we are going to develop a wireless communication based project titled wireless patient body monitoring system. After successful completion of the project, physicians and doctors will be able to keep track of the health parameters of the patient who is admitted in the hospital. It would not require nurses to regularly visit the patient in order to check their vital signs as the molten system good offer accurate and timely data regarding the health parameters of the patient such as the temperature, ECG, heartbeat, saline level, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. The wireless patient body monitoring system will allow the Healthcare facilities provide a better health services to the patient and help them get better easily. There will be four members (Project manager, data analyst, project designer, project consultant) in the project which will require at least six months to complete (Halteren et al, 2004). Project requirement and constraints The wireless patient monitoring system is a working model that incorporates sensors which can measure the parameters of the patient such as body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, eCG, etc. The project can be extremely useful in hospitals and Healthcare facilities in order to provide better services to the patient by properly and accurately getting vital information without much effort. It can be extremely useful for performing future analysis and reviewing the health condition of the patient. It can be also used with versatile medical applications where the doctors can monitor the blood pressure, pronunciation and much more in order to develop an effective and dedicated patient care system. The project can be developed using the work breakdown structure which is a major project deliverables which can help in organizing the teamwork into manageable departments (Halteren et al, 2004). It helps all the team members to clearly identify their roles and responsibilities within the project so that they can easily understand and perform their functionalities effortlessly. It can also be considered as an outline of the map where the entire project is divided into hierarchies. In this project, wbs can be used for defining and organizing the project work and developing a proper budget for each level of the work breakdown structure along with allocating estimated time and cost in order to successfully complete the project within the deadline. It can also be used for identify potential risks in the project so that the top level management can take necessary actions in order to reduce it. Fig 1: Block Diagram of Wireless patient monitoring system In order to properly identify the cost and budget of the project, it is necessary to first identify the elements included in the wireless patient monitoring system (Wheelwright, 1992). The hardware which is required in order to develop the system are as follows: 1. Microcontroller 2. LCD display 3. LED 4. Photo transistor 5. Switches 6. Registers 7. Transmitter 8. Battery 9. LM35D 10. Buzzer 11. Capacitor 12. Diodes 13. IR emitter and detector In order to get a proper estimation of the budget of the project it is first necessary to identify and defined the project and what would be required in order to complete the project (Healey, 2010). As we have identified the hardware required for the project, it is necessary to develop a project plan which will help in identifying the budget of a certain level of the project along with the time required. Identify the hidden cost and prepare for the unexpected. Ask all the difficult questions and perform thorough research (Wheelwright, 1992). There will be four members in the project known as the project manager, the data analyst, project designer and project consultant. Other stakeholders of the project include the doctors who will be utilising it in the patients for which it has been developed. Below are provided the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders: 1 Project manager: The project manager is the most important member in the team who is responsible for the successful completion of the project. In the wireless patient monitoring system project, the project manager ensure that the project proceeds as per the specified time frame and the budget in order to achieve the objectives (Wheelwright, 1992). He or she also ensures that the project are provided with necessary resources along with maintaining relationship with the stakeholders and the contributor. Some of the major job responsibilities of the project manager include developing the project plan, managing deliverables, recruiting project staff, determining methodology, leading and managing the project team, assigning task to the project numbers, and providing regular updates to the top level management (Aaltonen, 2011). 2 Data analyst: The data analyst defines the requirement and the recommend solutions to make the project successful. The data analyst in the wireless patient monitoring system project would identify necessary issues in the project and resolve them in order to enhance its performance. The can also help in maximizing the project deliverables Valley. Other major responsibilities of a data analyst include helping in defining the project, gathering information and requirements from the business unit, documenting business and Technical requirement, verifying project deliverables to meet the requirements and testing solutions to validate objectives (Cervone, 2006). 3 Project designer: The project designer is an important team member in the project who is responsible for developing the infrastructure of the project. In the wireless patient monitoring system, the project designer would be responsible for developing the entire structure of the system and provide a base to the team members and consultant to work on that structure (Cervone, 2006). The project designer also co-ordinate resources and assumptions of responsibilities of all the elements related to the project. Apart from that he also utilizes the latest technology and analyse design issues in order to plan the project efficiently. 4 Project consultant: The job of a project consultant involves many duties and responsibilities (Dawood, 1998). In the wireless patient monitoring system project, the project consultant will be responsible for evaluating project parameters, analysing the strength of the project and areas that require improvement, designing the project plan based on the requirements of the client, delegating tasks to the team members of the prose, testing and tweaking project solutions to make it perfect, presenting the plans and the outcomes to the project stakeholders. Some of the functional requirements of the project include business Ethics, administration functions, authentication, reporting requirements, external interface, etc. Some non functional requirements include performance, scalability, availability, maintainability, capability, recoverability, etc (Cervone, 2006). Stakeholder Analysis In order to properly manage the wireless patient monitoring system project, stakeholder analysis needs to be performed which is an important technique that identifies stakeholders and analyse their requirements. It can help in identifies issues which can impact the stakeholders and project, determined groups which require encouragement at a different level of the project, communicating the plan and perform stakeholder management and reducing negative impact from the stakeholders (Aaltonen, 2011). To perform stakeholder analysis it is first necessary to identify all the stakeholders which in this case are the project team members, hospital staff, doctors and patients. After that, documentation of the stakeholders requirements should be done along with assessing their interest and expectations. Taking necessary actions and reviewing the status of the project should be performed at last. Communication analysis With the help of communication analysis, the team members of the project will be able to easily communica...
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