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An Analysis Of Effects Of Globalization And Technology On HRM (Research Paper Sample)


the sample was to analyze effects of globalization on hrm

Effects of Globalization and Technology on HRM Name Institution Effects of Globalization and Technology on HRM Since Second World War, the world has adopted many changes that have had various effects to different aspects of life. The concept of globalization has played a crucial role in ensuring that the world is considered a global village manifested in transportation, communication, and technological advancement. In this regard, the business environment has also registered significant changes affecting various aspects of the international market. Consequently, many organizations have been forced to interact with stakeholders from different cultural and social backgrounds. One of the areas that has registered significant business changes is how human resources management executes its mandate to an organization. In this regard, HRM has been influenced heavily by globalization and technological advancement. Effects of Globalization to HRM Globalization is a business term referring to the integration of a firm’s operation, strategies, and processes into diverse ideas, services, products, and cultures. Globalization emphasizes on diversity in the workplace approaches, which means that it has a profound impact on how corporations manager their workforces. For the management to capitalize on the opportunities presented by globalization, there is a need to understand its effects on human resources. Consequently, the organization can be better prepared to equip the organization with the ideal resources and personnel to counter the increasing challenges in the international business environment. Moreover, technology complements globalization and therefore most of the current trends are supported by technological advancements (Stone & Deadrick, 2015). For instance, the technological advancement in communication has played a crucial role in ensuring that an organization can easily interact with employees in distant regions thereby augmenting the performance of the company in the international market. One of the effects of globalization and technology in HRM is that they have created avenues where organizations can diversify their recruitment processes. Succinctly, with the increase in globalization behaviors in the workplace, firms find themselves interacting more with stakeholders from diverse social backgrounds, languages, and culture. Subsequently, in order to handle the increased diversity in the market place efficiently, firms of all sizes have identified the benefits of hiring workers from equally diverse backgrounds. Many human resources managers have identified that to interact efficiently customers, they need a workforce that the clients can relate with (Brewster, Chung, & Sparrow, 2016). Furthermore, since diversity in the workplace is one of the key drivers of innovation and creativity in handling different issues affecting the performance of an organization, HRM has embarked on a strategy geared towards enhance place of work miscellany. In addition, globalization and technology have enhanced the ability of firms to acquire effective labor without the employees working in the house. The augmentation of communication technologies that are key drivers of globalization as played a crucial role in ensuring that employees and organizations can communicate remotely. In this regard, the HRM is provided with opportunities of outsourcing some of their operations to employees located in regions with favorable labor laws. Through the use of the internet and associated platforms, operations such as accounting, administrative duties, and documentation of transactions and financial performance can be outsourced to employees located in foreign countries (Tung, 2016). Subsequently, firms have been provided with cost saving opportunities that have been influential in reducing the company’s expenses and improve on their profit margins. Globalization also has the effect of pushing organization to promote professional development in the workplace. Therefore, the HR of many organizations have been offered cost effective and efficient avenues of developing an organization culture that offers employees opportunities of achieving their career goals. In this regard, the HR department of many organizations have played a crucial role in ensuring that some of their employees attend foreign universities to enhance their performance in the workplace. Furthermore, many firms have capitalized on advancement of information technology to ensure that their employees can access the necessary resources and materials to improve the professional performance through acquiring the necessary knowledge and training materials (Stone & Deadrick, 2015). In this regard, globalization and technology has enhanced the HRM’s role of training employees to achieve their career and professional goals. The current market environment has been characterized by aggressive competition because of globalization. Globalizat...
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