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Ergonomic “disaster” (Research Paper Sample)


- Find an Ergonomic “disaster” (this could be your home office, at the grocery store, at a public place, etc.) anything of your choice. - Describe why the situation you found is a “disaster” (state the risk factors, body parts potentially affected, etc). - Develop accommodations to control the so called “disaster” in your mind (these may be tools, adjustments, etc).


I run a young web design business in my home office. Regularly, I use my desk phone to make and receive calls from clients. I also use it to call other organizations I deal with in the course of my work including those who I purchase website templates from. I also write website code intensively using the computer machine.
In the first three months of running the business, I found out a recurrent physically tiring effect at the end of every day. I would have a headache, sore eyes, aching shoulder, neck and wrists. At some point, I would trip severally on the power cables and my network cables were an eyesore, strewn all over the room, running in between the router, switch and computer.
This turned into a disaster. I couldn’t work well anymore. I was spending more finances on medical bills and drugs. My production had become extremely low and at this rate, my going out of business was eminent. I decided to end this disaster once and for all, so as to end the effect of the injuries. I decided to review the arrangement of items in my work room and review how I used my computer and phone among other devices. I realized that I had to repeatedly adjust my posture to view the screen because of glare and reflections from the light through the window. I also found out that I had developed an awkward posture during my working by holding the...
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