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Fundraising Program for XYZ Catholic Church (Research Paper Sample)


task was about fundraising program for an xyz church. the sample provide the procedure of conducting a fundraising for a church through a case study of a catholic church


Fundraising program for XYZ Catholic Church
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Fundraising has been used over the past years as a useful tool in making money either for an organization or an individual. Raising money for a non-profiting organization is always a crucial activity for such organization, being in a position to participate in a fundraising event for a non-profiting organization involves a lot of support. Catholic Church is not exempted when it comes to fundraising, just like any other organization, they too are in need of raising funds to fulfill their goals and target. Fundraising has been attributed as one of the most important activity any organization can participate in (Fluskey, 2013). The process of fundraising helps many organizations meet their required goals. According to Fluskey (2013), a good fundraising for any non-profit organization should not just provide an opportunity for raising funds but also for developing the organization. Therefore, it is considered appropriated to organize a proper fundraising that will benefit the organization and the society.
Case Statement
Every fundraising must have a purpose, the main reason as to why the XYZ Catholic Church needs the fundraising event to be conducted. Fundraising is always initiated for a given reason, majorly to fulfill a financial obligation of an organization. In the case of XYZ Catholic Church, the focus and purpose of a fundraising can range from a variety of reasons. Given that Catholic churches are founded on a Christian background, their purpose for raising funds is geared toward development and social support. Catholic Church can organize a fundraising due to various purposes, provided they are genuine and align to the mission and values of the church. It is ideal for any fundraising event to affirm to the demands of the organization forming it, whereby in a Catholic church, fundraising will purposely be initiated for supporting the church and the community.
Mission of the Catholic Church
Every fundraising must have a mission, its values and why it needs to be accomplished. The mission of the fundraising must conform to the Catholic Church. Moreover, the mission should be bold and doable so that it can make donors more interested in helping the Church attain their goal. By having a proper structure and ethical mission, the XYZ Catholic Church can stand a chance of having a successful fundraising. Missions act as a guideline on how the fundraising is set to be conducted and give a prudent reason as to why it ought to be done for the betterment of the Catholic Church.
Goal of the Church
The main agenda of creating an objective for a fundraising is to motivate and maintain the focus of the Catholic Church. When developing the goals, it is appropriate for the church to have goals that are inspiring and alluring. In the event that the church sets low goals, people will not be inspired to participate too high goals likewise discourage donors and makes them feel overwhelmed. Therefore, the aims of the Catholic Church must be directed towards motivating both the church and others in contributing to the fundraising. Nevertheless it can be seen how important setting a goal is for a fundraising, the church should come up with its goal that are to be attained during the fundraising.
Why The Church Needs A Fundraising
To hold a fundraising, there must be underlying reasons as to why the fundraising is essential to the Church. Catholic Church is a Christian organization based on Christian values and doctrine. Thus, most of their activities are always based on Christian perspectives. The Catholic Church can benefit from the fund raising given that can create funds to support its project and other faith-based programs. Their programs are always geared towards helping and supporting the Christian fraternity, a good reason as to why a fundraising is crucial in a Catholic institution. Most societies that are situated in a Catholic parameter have a strong connection with the church, therefore, are in support of most activities that the church conducts. XYZ Catholic Church being a faith-based organization conducts most of its project on supporting the Christian fraternity and moral development of the community. For instance, Catholic Church can hold fundraising to aid in promoting education, eradicating drug abuse, supporting disability, fighting abortion among others. All this activities are on the proper course of helping the society making them more supportive of fundraising events.
Catholic Church offers various charitable activities to their faithful communities, given the prevailing doctrine of the Catholic Church “God is the Ultimate Source and Provider” inspires the majority of their congregation. The church uses its religious acknowledgment to encourage fundraising events, basing their service in supporting the work of the Lord. The service that the Church provides must be in a capacity to entice donors in participating in the fundraising program. With respect to the church tradition on supporting faith-based events and activities, they are always in a position of receiving donations from their respective faith communities and various religious organizations.
Why Fundraising is Useful to The XYZ Catholic Church
Catholic organizations initiate fundraising events to assist in the development of the Christian fraternity and support religious, educational and charitable activities within their environ. Therefore, it is fundamental to support Catholic fundraising events, since they are always supportive in developing the community. Fundraising is essential to the Catholic Church in that; it strengthen their relation and connection with their community. Catholic Church, through fundraising, is capable of increasing its network of religious congregations, the support that the organization receives during fundraising encourage more faith communities. Additionally, the Catholic Church is in need of the fundraising in supporting its various sectors of its development. Just like any other organization, the church also depends on the funds to attain its goals of helping the community. Therefore, fundraising proves very useful in raising funds to create an impact on religious matters and address social issues related to Christian prosperity.
The Catholic church is built on a tight religious platform and act as a mentor to most people within the community; it is for this reason that fundraising for the church should be supported. The activities and projects of Catholic Churches are based on helping the faith communities, therefore giving more reasons as to why the church need support for fundraising events.
Why the church is best for the fundraising
XYZ Catholic Church is distinct from other non-profiting organization because it is based on trust and founded on religious values. The church mai...
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