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Diversity: General Overview of the two Cultures (Research Paper Sample)


what are some of the differences between an irish funeral and a italian funeral. are there any similarities between the two funerals? if so, what are they?


This is a research paper that will lay focus on having a close comparison of cultural differences between Irish and Italian customs. Customs refers to the norms and values held up by different tribes as well as communities. In other words, the main purpose of this paper is to showcase a clear distinction between the Irish Funeral and Italian funeral. However, this aims at finding similarities between the two funerals as well as differences, in case there are some differences or else similarities, the paper will highlight each similarity and differences accordingly.
General Overview of the two Cultures
In general, the two cultures have some similarities and differences on each aspect of the activity carried during the funeral occasion. However, the distinction that arises between the two cultures is not quite big, but it differs a little from one culture to another. In other words, what is done in Irish Funeral might be done in Italian Funerals but in different ways?
Similarities between Irish and Italian Funerals
In both traditions, there is mourning. This one of the very most important parts of the funeral activities, on both occasions, this is done to showcase the regrets, love, and care they had for the dead. For instance, in Italian Funerals, this is showcased in the grave site where the mourners gather at the site of the grave. In most cases, Italians walk up to the caskets and throw a fistful of soil or else dust on the flower topCITATION Joh141 \l 1033 (John A. , 2014).
Conversely, on the Irish Funerals, this is made by Observing rule number four. One is encouraged not to pretend; you are allowed to pay respect to the one who has passed. This is accomplished via visiting the caskets. Thus one is allowed to pay the respect to the dead by mourning or having a chance to look at his or her face the last time.
Differences between Irish and Italian Funerals
There is a clear distinction between Funeral practices of Irish and Italian funerals. First and foremost, in the Italian Funeral Services, the whole activity is coordinated by the catholic traditions which includes rituals like the last rites, prayer vigil, and funeral liturgy. Therefore, this is not gender biased as it accepts both men and women at the same time either during the day or during the night. However, in the case of the Irish funerals, men and women have different schedule to attend the wake. For instance, men often visit the wake house late at night and sit with the body of the dead during the night. In addition to that, close male neighbors and friends can volunteer to do so that the family can have ample time to mournCITATION Fra13 \p 10-13 \l 1033 (Franco , 2013, pp. 10-13).
In a comparison to the above-aforem...
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