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Myasthenia Gravis Disease (Research Paper Sample)


The research is abut Myasthenia gravis disease


Myasthenia gravis disease
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Myasthenia gravis disease
Signs and symptoms
Myasthenia gravis refers to an autoimmune condition which involves the creation of antibodies to keep interfering by nerve stimulation. It leads to muscular contractions and is prone to affect facial muscles, neck, as well as throat, making it hard for one to swallow a substance. Such parts of the body are usually affected and could as well be manifested by a drop in eyelids. In others double vision is experienced along with the general body weakness. However, it doesn’t imply that it’s able to lead to paralysis, but rather has a particular muscle badly affected which could lead to general weakness in the body function (Leonard, 2014).
Process and structures
The body’s skeletal system is made up of several parts which comprises of bones making up the bodies frame, cartilage, ligaments, as well as body tissue. Apart from just supporting the body, the bone system is interconnected with several muscles which support the weight of the body. Bones work together with muscles and enable it to maintain position in a controlled manner, which leads to a well coordinated movement. Without this frame muscles aren’t able to function in a normal way, it can as well be so difficult for a person to engage in physical exercise such as sitting, standing, as well as running (Bennett, 2008). Bones are found to perform different functions due to the structural hold up of the body system. Tissues as well as organs are attached on this frame. People rarely realize that bones act as storage areas for minerals such as Calcium. A large percentage of it is found in the body’s bone system. This serves as a great ingredient as it is of value to the body as it ensures normal concentration in phosphate ions in the blood. Energy is still stored in the body frame. Among the most common but crucial processes in the body is the creation of blood cells. This is carried out in an area of the bone, known as red marrow. The bone system also enhances the protection of body organs largely because they are not stable by themselves and are prone to have their function tampered with when exposed to danger. The bones offer leverage while performing a movement.
Diseases associated with musculoskeletal system usually lead to motion deficit, disorders, as well as lameness and it depends on the severity of the condition. Skeletal disorders are found to be common among patients. This doesn’t just affect humans but could as well be seen in animals because of the injuries which lead to degeneration of joints. In the event of experiencing a respiratory related disease person’s performance is also affected. The he...
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