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Alzheimer's Disease (Essay Sample)


Description of the disease, the symptoms, and how to treat it in a nut shell


Alzheimer’s Disease
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Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a form of dementia, a disorder of the brain, usually chronic, progressive and degenerative (Grossberg & Kamat, 2011). Clinically, the disease manifests itself through gradual decline in both memory and impairment of areas of high intellectual function  (Grossberg & Kamat, 2011). Further, abnormal collection of amyloid protein plaques and neuritic plaques, which is the degeneration of axon and dendrites surrounding an amyloid core, are the key characteristics of the disease (Grossberg & Kamat, 2011). Other characteristics  include; neurofibrially tangles (NFTs), depicted by twisted fibers inside the neurons’ cell bodies, loss of neurons, and amyloid angiopathy, described by the presence of amyloid deposits in the brain small blood vessels (Grossberg & Kamat, 2011).
The stages of the disease aid a lot in the description and establishing of the symptoms. Simi...
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