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Development and Causes of Cancer (Essay Sample)


The task was about cancer, its causes, and how it develops


Development and Causes of Cancer
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Development and Causes of Cancer
Cancer is a vast medical condition that affects people all over the world. Currently, it is the core cause of mortality in the western part of the world (Tobias & Hochhauser, 2010). In light with this, Silverstein, Silverstein and Nunn (2006) assert that cancer is not a single disease, but a group of more than hundred diseases that have one basic thing in common. Silverstein, Silverstein and Nunn (2006) still describe cancer as a change that occurs in the body resulting to uncontrolled growth and multiplication of cells. In line with this, cancer cells divide faster than the normal cells, and the body cells only become cancerous when they are utterly  changed, and can no longer respond normally to chemical signals of adjacent cells (Silverstein, Silverstein & Nunn, 2006).
For years, various methods of cancer treatment and management have been established, and control of the primary tumor, indeed, has been of immense concern (Tobias & Hochhauser, 2010). However, with the introduction of more sophisticated machines and refined methods of managing and treating cancer, new incidence of some types of cancer is still increasing. According to Tobias and Hochhauser (2010), the increased cases of cancer can be attributed to the diet and human life style. In addition, potentially modified risk factors, which encompass; inhaled or ingested carcinogens, ionizing irradiation and viral causes, are core contributors to the increasing trends of cancer cases all over the world (Tobias & Hochhauser, 2010). Further, excess body weight and physical inactivity, ascribed to more hours of sitting in offices, over nutrition and lazy lifestyle, together with  occupational factors, have also caused a significant increase in cases of cancer (Tobias & Hochhauser, 2010).
Breast Cancer
Breast cancer, just like any other cancer, occurs as a result of generation of malignant tumors or undifferentiated cells, characterized by lose of distinguished characteristics of the original tissue (Brown & Boatman, 2009). Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, closing in after lung cancer (Brown & Boatman, 2009). Conventionally, there are many risks factors that amount to breast cancer. In tandem to this, there is no one factor that can be pinpointed as the cause, but a complicated combination of many considerations can catapult the chances of a woman developing the disease (Brown & Boatman, 2009). Some of maturely established risk factors of breast cancer consist of; old age, low parity...
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