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Anencephaly (Essay Sample)


The task of this sample was to research on anencephaly. This sample paper provided detailed description on what anencephaly constituted. In this paper, anencephaly is defined as a congenital anomaly. This sample paper also details in not only anencephaly process, but also in its Signs and symptoms. Towards its conclusion, the paper also touched on the treatment and prognosis of anencephaly.

1 Introduction
2 Anencephaly process
3 Signs and symptoms of anencephaly
4 Treatment of anencephaly
5 Prognosis
6 Conclusion
“Anencephaly is a congenital anomaly characterized by an open neural tube in the cephalic region with an exposed mass of degenerate neural tissue on the skull floor” (Cohen, C et al. 2001, p.704). It results when neural tube fails to come into contact during the first few days of embryogenesis. Anencephaly leads to alteration of the normal behavior of an individual. It alters with the normal reasoning, hearing, and movement coordination of an individual. This paper aims at providing detailed information on possible causes of anencephaly, its signs and symptoms, treatments, and prognosis.
Anencephaly process
“In anencephaly, cranial neural tissue is exposed and not covered by a bone or skin”( The Infant with Anencephaly 1990, p.1). The inability of neural tube closing exposes internal contents of the head to the surrounding amniotic fluid which eventually degrades them. Thus, individuals suffering from anencephaly lack cerebrum and cerebellum which constitute the largest portion of human brain. Neural tube is the main element of central nervous system of an embryo. Since anencephaly roots itself from the complications of the neural tube, it is justifiable to classify it also as a neural tube defect. Individuals suffering from this disease also lack some bones of the skull (Cohen, et al. 2001).
Signs and symptoms of anencephaly
Individuals suffering from anencephaly occasionally lack cranial vault which has great association with absence of nervous tissue on the cranial base. Additionally, their cerebral hemisphere appears soft, purple in color, and shapeless. Their cerebral hemisphere is not only composed of vascular channels made up of thin walls in which blood is bloated, but also irregular arrangement of brain tissues (Best, 2011). In some cases, thin layers of squamous epithelium may also be present. Although the cer...
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