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Erikson’s Theory of Infant and Toddler Personality (Research Paper Sample)


the instructions given for this order was that the students had to research extensively on erickson's theory of development. the theory he developed categorizes mental development from birth to the elderly. the students were also advised to understand some of the psychological wants and needs among people at different categories.


Erikson’s Theory of Infant and Toddler Personality
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When children are born, they do not have any experience that people require in their lives. They do not have skills, strengths, or experiences that might shape their character. This means that their bodies and brains have not yet developed to be able to comprehend what is happening around them. As babies grow, their psychological development develops over time. Many people have developed their theories on psychological development from birth. One of the best and most common psychological development theories is Erikson’s Theory of Infant and Toddler Personality. The theory divides the development stages into stages according to their ages. This paper address the theory, offering more details on the information provided by the theory, the author’s thinking behind the development of the theory, and understanding from the theory.
The main purpose Erikson’s Theory was developed was to help people, mainly parents, take care of their children. The theory guides parents, teachers, and healthcare providers to help them make sure that the children live a better life during each development stage.
The other issue that should be addressed is the key issue being addressed in Erikson’s theory. Erikson’s theory focuses on answering the different stages people go through during their psychological development (Cherry 2021). The theory also shows what happens during each stage and the ages of children and people.
Although there is a lot of information offered in Erikson’s theory, some details prove to be critical to parents and healthcare providers. The first are the ages for each stage of psychological development (Cherry 2021). From the information, people can identify which stage a child can be classified. The second is the conflicts and crucial events in every stage. The outcomes are also critical to people involved with the children.
The conclusion derived from Erikson’s theory is mainly on psychological care. The theory is focused on psychological development and tries to offer the best details involved in every stage.
Every author develops their theory or book with specific things in mind. The author developed Erikson’s theory because he wanted people to know more about the stages in their psychological development (Cherry 2021). According to the theory and the author, every stage leads to more development and awareness for the children. Lack of achieving or proper care might be disastrous.
Every theory is developed with several assumptions in mind. In Erikson’s theory, the assumption made is that the child’s or person’s environment has major impacts on the psychological conditions of a person (Cherry 2021). According to the theory, the important events highlighted and the conflicts included, the environment is the main influencer in psychological development.
Every theory leads to some implications when applied, either positive or negative. One of the implications that can be realized when Erikson’s theory is applied is that people know the best action for the baby at different stages (Cherry 2021). The positive outcome realized is that the psychological development and realization after every stage leads to ego strength and better mental condition for the child.
Every theory has some negative implications that might develop if the theory is not adopted. For Erikson’s theory, the implica

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