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High Fat Diet and Alzheimer's Disease (Research Paper Sample)


Paper to be well researched, APA format, 5 pages and follow research paper procedures


High Fat Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease Author: Institution: Date: Introduction Alzheimer is a very devastating disease that carries away the mind slowly by slowly over a period. It starts as a simple odd memory gaps and later erodes one’s life to the point where a patient requires total care. If the disease becomes severe, one can easily wonder off and later get lost. This disease may affect an individual to the point where a parent cannot identify a son/daughter. The disease was little known in the 1960s. However, the disease is widely known and precautionary measures have been layer and implemented to help curb the disease. Several researchers have investigated the effects associated with dietary on development of Alzheimer disease. This study is carried out to determine the relationship between consumption of specific types of fats and Alzheimer diseases. The study is conducted in a biracial community and the main question it tries to answer whether high fat diets increase the likelihood of Alzheimer disease. Hypothesis A diet with high fat increases the concentration of proteins in the brain. This is one risk that is related to the Alzheimer’s disease. However, this might not be the sole cause. It is worth noting that dietary fats and in particular saturated fats are quite unhealthy both to parents and children. Most people do not question why fats are bad. They assume that the researchers who have made the studies must have done their work thus they trust these results (Meester et al., 2010). Several diseases are related, in one way or the other with intake of high fat levels. It is continuously advised that, to lead a healthy life, one should practice to maintain total fat intake to 20% or below of total calories consumed. Though this sometimes becomes hard to be achieved, it can help reduce chances of getting several diseases including Alzheimer. In addition, people are advised to take good kinds of fat as much as they can. Fortunately, people are now embracing the idea and records states that it is working well. People are now taking omega-3 fats as they are healthier than other fats. It is also evident that most trans fats are unhealthy and are associated to a number of diseases including heart failure. Docosahexaenoic is an example of omega-3 fat that comes in large quantities in the brain. It is advised for healthy brain development, especially in children. These fats can be found in eggs, fish and dairy products. On the other hand, trans fats are produced by high temperature process where polyunsaturated fats are hydrolyzed into a more stable configuration. This process increases their shelf life but makes them be so unnatural such that they can no longer be called food. It is worth noting that trans fats are extremely dangerous both to the brain and the heart. A high consumption of trans fats raises the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. Trans fats are mostly found in highly processed foods especially in foods where fats are converted to powdered foods. Literature Review Many studies have been made concerning the effects of taking foods with high fats and their connection to Alzheimer. Most of these studies have shown that many persons who suffer from this disease have high connections to foods that are rich in fats. Though this is the case, it was found out those high fats levels are not the sole cause of Alzheimer. Another cause includes high sugar levels and depression. In one study that was published online in Jama Neurology, it was found out that diets that are saturated with fats significantly reduce levels of apolipoprotein E in the body. These are also called ApoE and are responsible for removing amyloid beta proteins from the brain. Importantly, people who take foods that have high fat levels portrayed several changes in their ApoE, such that the ApoE levels were much lower thus unable to clear the amyloid. ApoE4 status is highly connected with high risks related to cognitive decline together with elevated brain

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