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Multidimensional Nursing Care for Clients With Acid-Base Imbalances (Research Paper Sample)


Assignment Content
Describe strategies for safe, effective multidimensional nursing care for clients with acid-base imbalances.
Tony is a 56-year-old, Hispanic male that presented to the Emergency Room with complaints of shortness of breath, which he has been experiencing for the past two days. He states “I haven’t felt good for about a week, but couldn’t afford to miss work.” He complains of a cough, fever, and feeling exhausted. Past medical history includes asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes. Upon physical examination, you notice that Tony is struggling to breathe, his respiratory rate is 36 breaths per minute and labored, heart rate 115 beats per minute, blood pressure 90/40 mm Hg, and his pulse oximetry is 84% on room air. You notify the MD. He orders oxygen at 2 L via NC and an arterial blood gas.
Tony’s ABG results:
pH 7.28
PaCO2 – 55 mm Hg
PaO2 – 70 mm Hg
HCO3 – 30 mEq/L
In a 1-2 page Word document:
Determine Tony’s acid-base imbalance
Describe possible causes of the imbalance
Identify the signs and symptoms that Tony is exhibiting as a result of the acid-base imbalance
List the multidimensional care strategies that are appropriate for the care of Tony


Acid Base Imbalance
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Looking at Tony’s ABG results: PH 7.28, PaCO2 – 55 mm Hg, PaO2 – 70 mm Hg and HCO3 – 30 mEq/L, Tony’s acid-base imbalance is respiratory acidosis with metabolic compensation. It is caused by changes in Carbon dioxide levels that can be metabolically compensated by increasing or decreasing the levels of HCO3– as it tries to move the pH closer to the normal range. Respiratory compensation can occur rapidly by either increasing or decreasing the ventilation in the alveolar to blow off more CO2, which increases the PH, or retaining more CO2, decreasing the PH (which is evident in Tony’s case. (Ignavatious, 2022).
For the lungs to bring the pH back to normal, breathing is triggered in response to increased carbon 

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