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Performing a Currency, Relevance, Authority, Purpose (CRAP) Test (Research Paper Sample)


The paper required me to perofrm a "CRAP test" on an article the cleint had provided


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Article Reference: Stokes-Parish, J et al. (2020). “Angels and Heroes: The Unintended Consequence of the Hero Narrative”. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 5(52), 462-466.
The article was first published on 27th August 2020 and its contextual framework rationale has been timeless. The article has not been revised yet but the authors have no conflict of interest with the content or the topic whatsoever. In addition, the information is very up-to-date and will be useful for future research about Covid -19 emergency healthcare services. Nurses are very crucial stakeholders in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, a fact highly acknowledged in the article by the authors (Stokes-Parish et al. 2020). Even though the terminological praises and applause by the media as heroes demeans the nursing profession, the authors affirm the crucial role nurses play in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Ultimately, the link to the article is functional and accessible by any interested party.
The article’s information is very helpful in ascertaining the nurses’’ role in upholding the nurses’ professionalism and maintaining work ethics. As much as the nurses deserve the praises as super heroes during the public health emergency situations during the Covid-19 pandemic, the article maintains that it is within the nurses’ jurisdiction and mandate to act such. In addition, the information relates to the topic of the article such that the topic suggests that the nurses’ praises as heroes and angels during this pandemic is too much hyped unprofessionally. The authors’ contextual framework assert that it is the nurses’ role and a requirement to handle public health emergencies, which they are paid to do (Aiken et al. 2011). Also, the media has feminized the nursing profession, which undermines males in the field, hence depicting gender bias and lack of workplace inclusivity in healthcare centers. Moreover, the sources’ intended audience is the literate people interested in global health issues. The source information is within an intermediate understanding level for the most medically literate and knowledgeable audience. Ultimately, this source is reliable and concurs to other concrete empirical research findings; it qualifies for use as a credible reference contemporary and in future studies.

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