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A leader who inspired me History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


A Leader Who Inspired Me
Leadership comes in many forms. Leadership is not based on the holding of and office or position; it is a reflection of actions taken and the impacts of those actions. Everyone is capable of providing Leadership and everyone exhibits leadership in various situations. Often Leaders may be unaware of the impacts they have on others around them.
The assignment requires a formal paper identifying an individual who inspired the writer to achieve above what they thought they were capable of, who may well have changed the course of the writer’s life. The paper should outline:
• The person who inspired them, their formal role, the relationship and interaction between them and the Leader.
• Explain the situation in which the leader influenced you. Perhaps they were a coach, teacher, relative etc. What was it about their actions that lead you to grow as a person?
• The paper is targeted to identify the personal traits, behaviours and circumstances that were involved. In the course we study and discuss these things as they relate to leadership. It is important that you be able to identify Leadership when you see it and; in this case, that you be able to identify the impacts of leadership.
Your paper should have a clear Introduction where you identify the people and general situation; it should have a Body that elaborates on the circumstances, characteristics etc. of the interactions that lead to you changing your behavior, acquiring a fresh understanding or altering your attitude in some way that helped create the person you are. It should also include a clear Conclusion where you summarize the Introduction and Body and identify that you have achieved your goal in writing the paper. The bulk of the marks for this assignment (10% of your final grade) will be awarded to the argument contained in the body of the paper. It is assumed that your paper contains proper grammar, spelling & punctuation etc.
If you do not feel you have had a personal experience which allows you to identify an individual you knew personally you may use a public figure that may have inspired you and apply the same criteria outlined above.


A Leader Who Inspired Me
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A Leader Who Inspired Me
The life and leadership of President Donald Trump are quite inspiring. The encouragement revolves around his involvement in the media and his actions in the current office. The politician’s daring approach to his duties and business motivates many people, who believe in achieving beyond their professional and personal boundaries. He is a well-off entrepreneur, whose net worth is about $8 billion. This financial position is a tentative consideration that is established on approximation; thus, it can be higher based on personal wealth calculation. From Forbes’s report of September 2018, Trump is rated among the global billionaires at 766th spot (Hall, Goldstein, & Ingram, 2016). This scenario puts him a record high as the first American billionaire head of state.

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