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“The Diary Of A Young Girl”: Anne Frank And Her Role In History (Research Paper Sample)


a brief account of Anne Frank's life and further illustrates the significant role she plays in history.

Anne Frank and Her Role in History Name Institution Affiliation Anne Frank and Her Role in History Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl posthumously renowned for her diary, “The Diary of a Young Girl”. Later published as a novel, the diary documents the two years she spent hiding with her family during the Holocaust. This writeup gives a brief account of Anne Frank’s life and further illustrates the significant role she plays in history. Anne Frank was born in 1929 in Germany to Otto and Edith Frank. In 1933, Adolf Hitler rose to power and started anti-Jewish campaigns throughout Germany. In a bid to protect his Jewish family, Otto moved them to Netherlands where Anne started school in 1935. Germany occupied Holland in 1942 and began deporting Jews to extermination camps in Austria and Poland. Consequently, Anne, her sister Margot and six friends went into hiding in an apartment behind her father’s business store. In her diary, she details the two years she spent hiding in the Secret Annex. However, in 1944, German police discovered their hideout and expelled them to Westerbork and later on, to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Poland. In 1945, Anne died of typhus while in captivity, leaving her father as the only survivor. The legacy left by the fifteen-year-old girl makes her an important figure in global history. Through her carefully penned dairy, she gave a first-hand narration of the events surrounding the Holocaust and her family’s exile in Holland. Her chronology is famed as one of the most reliable accounts of the Holocaust. Moreover, Anne’s story demonstrates the strength of t...
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