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The Hard Challenges Which Aboriginal Women Experienced in Canada (Research Paper Sample)


the task which was given for this sample paper was about the challenges met by the aboriginal women.


The Challenges Experienced by Aboriginal Women
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The Challenges Experienced by Aboriginal Women
The word “Aboriginal” refers to the very first indigenous inhabitants of any geographical region; especially before occupation by colonialists. Aboriginal people in Canada comprise of Indians, Metis, and Inuit whose population is only slightly more than one million. These people entered Canada through the Bering land bridge during the Paleo-Indian period (Henry and Tator, 2009). These individuals engaged in crop and animal farming besides hunting and gathering throughout the archaic period. When Canada was colonized by the British, the Aboriginal people's way of life is being disrupted and they have never recovered (Anna, 2005). Besides having their land and properties taken, they were forced to abandon their culture through various legislative actions (Henry and Tator, 2009). As a result of the unpeaceful coexistence among themselves, the reality of Canadian Aboriginals, especially women, is so different from that of regular Canadian women. This fact is manifested in the domestic, academic and socioeconomic aspects of life (Anna, 2005).
By illustrating these early histories of sexual orientation relations and sufferings, we intend to give insight on the feeling of how introductory pioneer suppositions brought about the extraordinary change on the Aborigines impact and social frameworks in a brief time. These effects are still felt across Canada.
The traditional position in the community of Canadian Aboriginal women is not well understood today. There are various roles both customary and traditional which Aboriginal women are entitled to such as negotiation for community resources and in the domestic setting; they have the obligation of ensuring that children are well taken care of. However, the socioeconomic progress of Aboriginal women is also hindered by their traditional position in their communities' setting which denies them access to education and puts them at a higher risk for issues such as domestic violence (Henry and Tator, 2009). So what evidence is there that this group has experienced higher domestic violence rates?
The personal and professional development of Aboriginal women is not at par with that of other women living in the Canadian society because they had limited access to educational facilities and are more likely to be uneducated than other women in Canada (Anna, 2005). Also, Aboriginal women, are more liable to encounter abuse at the hands of their partners in comparison to Canadian women of other races (Henry and Tator, 2009). Additionally, Aboriginal women are more likely to be engaged in criminal activities that women from any other communities Aboriginal women are probably inclined to disappear or be killed than non-local Canadian women. However, the viciousness is usually on account of their family or group. They are frequently murdered by men in their particular homes, in their particular community groupings, and a reconfirmation that the need to target preventive measures and endeavors of curbing family brutality by the administration has likewise uncovered that little concern is given. They have larger amounts of destitution and a lower future than other Canadians, are tormented by habit and family breakdown, and are all the more frequently casualties of violent crime (Anna, 2005).
Before the entry of colonizers, aboriginal women persevered, they were monetarily free and efficiently required in the whole framework of any community that they belonged. They also made significant commitments to hunting and gathering, and among some First Countries were full-time horticulturalists. At the point when big game chasing fizzled, women were the sole suppliers for their families and groups. Besides, the financial commitments they made converted into significant individual independence since they were in charge of conveying the results of their work and were proprietors of their families.
One aftereffect of the ascent of the Women's Liberation Movement has been a blooming of theoretical actions concerning the starting points of mistreatment of the aboriginal women. These have prompted to culturally several reviews including a vast assortment of work worried to take a gander at social orders before contact with European expansionism. Externally no doubt one of the best places to start an examination of the Australian Natives' general public before white settlement would be the perceptions of the wayfarers and pilgrims. If the terms in which the nineteenth-century interested European individuals comprehended sexual orientation was at par with

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