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Response Watergate Scandal Research Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


What impact did the Watergate crisis have on American political life? Do you think the quest for social reform in the 1970's succeeded? Why or why not?


Response Watergate Scandal
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Question: What impact did the Watergate crisis have on American political life? Do you think the quest for social reform in the 1970's succeeded? Why or why not?
There were several impacts on the political life in America after the scandal. Firstly, the principle of all persons abiding by the law was reinforced. It was shown that not even the president was above the law. Secondly, it reaffirmed the First Amendment particularly the protection of the freedom of the press. Thirdly, the resignation of Nixon led to the formation of The War Powers Act which meant that Congress was to reign in the power of Presidency. The scandal opened up the eyes of the American people with regards to politics (Olson, 2016). People became aware of the fact that there were underhand methods done behind the scenes by politicians that had the potential to violate the rights of the American people.
The quest for social reform in the 1970s were a result of the Watergate Scandal. These reforms were informed by a long history of mistakes made by politicians and former leaders including former president Nixon. The reforms bore fruits in the year 1970 onwards having started back in 1950s. Some of the events that bore fruit include the Civil Rights Movement, the Free Speech Movement and the Watts Rebellion. All these events were carried forward by disenfranchised groups of people. Their struggle was long having started back in 1950s (Bakir et al., 2017). The efforts applied were recognized later on in history with various successes vis...
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