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Change Of Ideas During The Periods Of Renaissance And Enlightenment (Research Paper Sample)



The period of Renaissance and Enlighttenment
The ideas of evolution that come over during the early 18th century mainly pertained religious beliefs and the spiritual nature. During the second half of the 18th, more philosophical and specific views about the biological evolution started to come up. This added support to strands of thoughts of historical development.
Scientific Revolution.
This was a flow of events that resulted in the development of contemporary sciences during the time of early history when the emergence in astronomy, physics and mathematics had converted the ideas of the people about nature. This period of scientific revolution occurred in Europe towards the late of Renaissance period, and it went on to the end of the 18th century. This changes brought about the beginning of the period of Enlightenment. The start of this rotation, the Scientific Renaissance focused on the obtaining the skills of the past.
During the period of Scientific Revolution, science became a sovereign discipline and changed to be unique from both the philosophy and the technology. Science turned out to be considered to have significant utility objectives. By the end of the scientific revolution, the Christianity in the European countries had been substituted by the sciences. The period resulted in necessary changes in the scientific ideas across the astronomy, physics, and biology and mathematics learning institutions furthering the scientific experiments and in a more elaborate manner. The experimental evolution resulted to the development of many modern sciences. As a result of, there was a fast consolidation of knowledge, this has featured the rise of science since the seventeenth century, and that never come up before that time. (Aufklarung, 2018)
Change of ideas during the periods of Renaissance and Enlightenment.
The Renaissance and the Enlightenment periods which began in Europe open to the other countries, it resulted in adverse effects on the art, general science and above all the way people are thinking.
The rate of reasoning in Europe was deploying very fast. During the end of the seventeenth century, the famous scientist like Charles Darwin was instigating the ancient order. By that the scientist, Isaac Newton described the natural laws which are independent of the religious support. Also, there the influence in the way people carried out their political aspects of life. The scientist, Locke, proposed the right of people to bring changes to the government that had not protected the property, freedom and right to life by people. As the knowledge of science began to rise, people began to doubt the presence of God who was earlier known to exist. Through these impacts, the people of Europe would change as a result of these ideas. (Shutleworth, 2011)
In America, the learners were also observing these views. The Enlightened ideas of freedom and success had a chance to triumph without the interference of old Europe. As a result, the Christian leaders started to change their doctrinal positions. These leaders began to observe the common thing between the Anglican churches and the Puritan Congregations instead of looking the difference between them.
The new ideas affected the political lives as well. The scientist John Locke protected the removal of the monarchical form of government, this type of government could not protect the rights of the individual citizens, more so it could not defend the property of the American people. Through the knowledge gained from scientific revolution scientist stated that the society is supposed to be ruled by their general will. (Edward, 2018)
The earliest ways of living was embodied by a belief which was not based on any human reasoning or the scientific knowledge. The thinkers of the scientific revolution brought in a new way of thinking. The scientific revolution facilitated the achievement of the humankind. Through this, science and reasoning could now promote happiness and development. The leaders could not rule according to their will, but more importantly, they could observe the rights and needs of their subjects.
Through the use of knowledge gained from the period of Renaissance and Enlightenment period, the idea of education went through a lot of transformations, later on, its base was greatly improved. The idea of education came to be considered ...
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