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History of regulatory environment Subject (Research Paper Sample)


Write a 750-1,000 word paper demonstrating an overview of the regulatory history and the current
regulatory environment. The paper should contain the following two parts: History of regulatory
environment: Consider the various events that occurred that have prompted a change in regulations.
Within this section, choose at least three specific events from different decades that led to various
changes in regulations, such as acts. Within your paper, discuss the new acts or regulations that
arose due to those events. Within the discussion, incorporate the role of ethical behaviour in the world
of investment. Current regulatory environment: Contemplate the responsibilities of today's wealth
manager. What licenses and designations are required to be able to advise in an ethical and
meaningful way? Within this discussion, tie in fiduciary aspects, such as roles and responsibilities.
Consider how CFP (CFA, Series 7) ties into this discussion. Lastly, what are the steps a wealth
manager should take to ensure ethical and responsible behaviour? Include at least five different
sources (e.g., government websites, reliable original material, academic articles, etc.). Wikipedia,
Investopedia and other nonreliable sources are not to be used.


History of environmental regulation
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History of environmental regulations
A history that provides people with the regulation that includes its statutory authority and its rulemaking is called regulatory history. Any environment that is controlled either through rules to comply with the environment is called a regulated environment. Through administrative agencies, the federal and regulation are promulgated and have the same effect as statutory laws. Federal regulations are first to be circulated as a proposed rule and the final in the Federal Register (Reed et al,.2013). 
History of the regulatory environment
The historical regulation of the environment in the U.S can be grouped into three major stages: the phase that lasted from 1780-1880 and saw the legislation being revolutionized and promoted expenditure of the West and the removal and utilization of its resources (Franco, 2013). At that time, the laws that were in use were General Land Ordinance in the year 1785 through 1787, the Homestead Act of the year 1862, the Timber Culture Act of 1873, and the Mineral Lands Act of 1866.
Events that that prompted the change in regulations
Expansion of the West
The western become so successful and expanded. This lead to the change of the regulations to the 2nd phase of the environmental regulation. This phase was called the conservation movement, but it lasted from 1880 to the beginning of 1960. The role of the government was shifted by the policies that were formulated during this period. There was disposing of the unrestricted land, which was public lands, and started managing this land (Siddiqui, 2010). There was a philosophy of the wise use, which was the informed one and had a belief that the resources have to be managed for the greatest moral, for the longest time, and the greatest number. On the rise, the scientific elite enacted this philosophy in the year between 1865-1946 and between the years 1834-1902 by Wesley Powel.
Conservationists' conflict
Between 1838-1914, John Muir entered into a conflict with the conservationist and preservationists. All these groups wanted to take control and maintain the environments while in their natural states. During the second phase, there witnessed the creation of the national parks and Forestry Management Act in 1897. The Wilderness Act of 1964 wanted to take care of and preserve the pristine Wilderness.
Modern environmentalism was born in the third phase. This environmentalism acknowledged its greatest motivation from the consciousness-raising activities like Silent Spring in1962 by Rachel Carson. It also received modernizing technology, urbanization, and industrialization, which heightened awareness of the environmental challenges and policies which were environmental, based and based on the regulation of water and air contamination and another possible impact due to the growth of the industries accelerated by the advancement in science and also in technology (Greenstone and Hanna, 2014). A later worry established over the world issues like biodiversity and environmental change. This phase saw the expansion of the role of the federal government towards environmental regulation. 
Regulations that arose
There was the foundation of the 1992 Rio Declaration, which was touching on the Environment and Development. In the year 1991, there was a regulation by the name Free Market. There is a lot in regulatory action that continues to happen at the regional, local, and state levels. 
Current regulations
Environmentalism and Department of the Interior, which now encompasses most of the department concerned with the environment. Environmentalism and the Department of the Interior now encompass most of the departments concerned with the environment. These regulations are evident in key pieces of rules passed in 1970, including the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969(Andrews, 1976). Environmental Protection Agency of 1970 (Grossarth and Hecht, 2007) and Clean Air Act amendments between 1970 and 1977, and finally, the Toxic Substance Control Act in 1976.
Ethical behavior
There should be an exercise of an efficient market. Provision of opportunities to transfer risk as the capital market is the information exchange ground. The investment industry is made universal. Universal ethics as for the world industry powerfully supports the industry's proficiency and duty as an entire. Different countries must have an end goal to be attaining regulations and standards which support fundamental ethical codes on a world basis.
Responsibilities of the wealth manager
Should assess the value and quality of an intended investment besides debt instrum

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