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Why Did the American Government Respond Slowly to Hurricane Katrina? (Research Paper Sample)


The task was initially mean to answer the question why \"the American Government responded slowly to Hurricane Katrina\".


Why Did the American Government Respond Slowly to Hurricane Katrina?
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Why Did the American Government Respond Slowly to Hurricane Katrina?
The American government received a lot of criticism due to the manner in which it handled Hurricane Katrina. To be specific, the government responded slowly to the consequences of the storm, which hit New Orleans together with its surrounding area. Many people lost their lives while thousands of others were displaced from their homes. Some people believed that the social effects had something to do with the way the government responded to the flooding (Bardes, Shelley, & Schmidt, 2014). This paper will illustrate the reasons why the American governments delayed in dealing with Hurricane Katrina, which caused loss of lives and unnecessary damages to the area.
The Reasons Why the American Government Responded Slowly
to Hurricane Katrina
If the US government responded swiftly enough to Hurricane Katrina, lots of lives and property would have been rescued. Sadly, the government reacted not only slowly but also inefficiently. Rescue operations were ineffective, and this led to prolong suffering of the victims. It is possible that the government would have reacted differently if another location, besides New Orleans, had been hit by the disaster. Moreover, the authorities could have acted more efficiently if another group of the population had been affected. It is a fact that the principal victims of hurricane Katrina were poor African American citizens (Levy, Freitas, Mendoza-Denton, & Kugelmass, 2006). There have always been complaints that the federal government treats this class of people as if they were inferior Americans. Moreover, the fact that lower-income citizens lived in the area contributed to the delay in the reaction to the disaster (McKinnon, 2005). The way the federal government responded, for that matter, may be a confirmation of the long held belief that poor, black citizens receive quite a different kind of treatment in comparison with their white counterparts (Peiia, Bachman, Istre, Cohen, & Klarman, 2010).
What is more, Russell-Brown (2006) also believes that the way the federal government responded to the disaster had something to do with the race of the affected victims. In his work Protecting Our Own: Race, Crime, and African Americans, he notes that the aftermath of the disaster convinced the black community that they are considered a neglected race. The community even believes that the government did not take enough care of them because it aimed at reducing the black population. In fact, the majority of the victims were blacks living in an area with exceptionally high racial segregation.
Poor planning and management among federal agencies may also have led to the slow response to Hurricane Katrina. These agencies may not agree with this assertion, but the way they reacted exposed their inadequacy to handle disasters of magnitude of Hurricane Katrina. The agencies were poorly managed to an extent that they could contain neither fires nor looting. Years after the disaster, rebuilding is sti...
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