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Terrorism (Research Paper Sample)


two page essay on Steps to Combat Terrorism


Steps to Combat Terrorism
Steps to Combat Terrorism
Terrorism is a global threat that continues to inflict suffering and pain to millions of people all over the world. Hardly a week passes by without an act of terrorism taking place somewhere in the world, killing many innocent people for the sins they never committed. Averting such atrocities requires an active commitment and awareness to your community and the ability to make a distinction between an emotional reaction and a real threat. This essay aims at discussing the steps that can help avert terrorism.
According to Graham Bird (2002), the first step in averting terrorism is to shun the idea that it has anything to do with religion, particularly Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion, but many understand and think of it as a culprit instead of terrorism itself. Like other religions, Islam teaches its followers to keep their deeds and ethics in order and not harm others. Ironically, some misguided militant "Islamists" believe in killing others through shootings, suicide bombings, and even the inhumane act of decapitation. It is because of these so-called "Muslims" that many public places including schools have security sniper on the roof, metal detectors, and surveillance cameras. In the absence of these "Muslims," schools, which should serve as a haven for children, would not require metal detectors to search for explosive in pockets of children as young as three.
The second step to combating terrorism is to avoid any request from strangers to help them carry their packages in public or private places such as airports. Even though it is natural and kind to help out, taking luggage from strangers is not only dangerous but against airline regulations. It is necessary to notify authorities or decline to assist if someone makes such requests. Such people could be carrying dangerous weapons that can explode at any moment. It is also important to be on the look for; abandoned packages in public places because they might carry dangerous equipments left behind by terrorists to cause harm to the public.
The third step in combating terrorism is to take note of your surroundings when traveling or shopping in crowded stores or malls. Basic attention and awareness can greatly help deter criminal activities. It is essential to figure out the locations of emergency exits when entering any building. This can...
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