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Computer Investigation Process. IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


It is a brief research on steps on undertaking a Computer Investigation Process


Computer Investigation Process
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Computer Investigation Process
Computer investigation is a broad field that deals with the use of forensics to extract information. In modern society, the embrace of computer forensic investigation is on a high notch. More so, the legal and law enforcement entities can now acknowledge the vital importance of information technology professionals in carrying out investigative procedures. The rise in cybercrime and bullying, computer forensic investigations to track malicious internet-based activities is becoming a fundamental aspect of protecting innocent citizens. All the more along these lines, the procedure helps in saving web based activities in national security,law and government, and public safety requirement. This procedure of investigating computerized activities enables the examiners to interface the carefully put away information and digital interchanges to the physical verification of crimes (Casey, 2011). Also, the computer forensic process helps the investigator in uncovering the premeditated criminal objectives. It also helps in the prevention of some other future planned cybercrimes. Any individual working in this field, PC forensics procedure includes five basic stages which together, add for a careful and uncovering analytical procedure as talked about in this paper.
Stage 1: Development of Governing Policies & Procedures
Computerized proof is regularly exceptionally touchy and fragile paying little heed to it being identified with criminal connivance, goals to carrying out of violations and dreadful digital exercises. The cybersecurity experts’ recognize the value of such data. More so, these professionals know that this information can easily get compromised if it does not get accorded proper handling and protection. It I for these reasons that procedures, guidelines and policies have to get established.

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