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Error Handling In An Activity Diagram: Explanation Of The Reasons (Research Paper Sample)


This an error handling assignment had a flow chart that needed to be completed.


Error Handling in an Activity Diagram
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Error Handling in an Activity Diagram
This paper will give a closer look into error handling in an activity diagram. I will provide a diagram that would include two error-handling pathways. I will provide a narrative, which describes the added error-handling pathways. It will also include an explanation of the reasons checking for errors is so important. Lastly, I will incorporate and overview of other possible errors. The diagram is used in the creation of business processes and are used to describe the many activities of users, the flow of the different activities and users in charge (Satzinger, 2012). Workflow visual features are shown by the diagram throughout a particular process in the business that operates as a functional support mechanism. An organization must carry out a detailed inspection to fix possible errors in the process and so keep the activity diagram free of mistakes. The definition of error handling is merely the communication of error, application, programming determination, recognition, and reckoning.
Pathways of Error-Handling
The diagram below provides an updated view that includes two channels of error handling which lack in the activity diagram in Figure 2-15 located in page 59 of the System Design and Analysis in a world that is changing, Sixth Edition. In the chart, an illustration is provided of the different processes between the company doing shipping, warehouse, inventory system, and order system.
Overview of the Error under Check
Upon placing an order, it is when

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