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Impacts of Having Poor Cyber Risk Evaluation for Organizations (Research Paper Sample)


The paper was about the negative impacts of having a poor cyber risk evaluatio plan for organizations. The paper discusses the inherent and residual that result from technological advancements, including cloud services and global connectivity. The paper informs the audience about the dangers of having an poor plan for evaluationg cyber attack risks on businesses.


Impacts of Poor Cyber Risk Evaluation
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Impacts of Poor Cyber Risk Evaluation
Cybersecurity is one of the most critical elements of modern business since it determines how well organizations can protect their data against breaches and other attacks. Organizations use cybersecurity to protect protected health information, intellectual property, industry information, and personal identification information from individuals and groups that might be trying to access or steal it. Organizations that lack effective cybersecurity programs become targets of cyber attackers and lose significant amounts of money through court cases, damaged reputations, and corrupted security systems (Beavers & Pournouri, 2019). In addition, modern organizations face numerous residual and inherent risks due to advancing cloud services and global connectivity, increasing remote accessibility, and allowing cyber attackers to target international companies remotely.
Although data security planning and implementation sections are essential, this paper will focus on the impacts of poor cyber risk evaluation. Cybersecurity risk assessment is an essential aspect of cyber security since it allows organizations to mitigate and control cyber-attack. Furthermore, cyber risk assessment is vital to an organization since it helps organizations keep stakeholders informed about data 

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