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Generic Trademark IT & Computer Science Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task discussed the importance of Generic trademark


Generic Trademark
The generic trademark is a term used as words or symbols that communicate the type of product being offered (Johnson, 2019). The terms ‘cellophane’, ‘aspirin’ and ‘thermos’ generic fell into common usage to represent the type of products that oppose certain company’s products. Hence there should be changes in tradename items by companies promoting Band-Aid brand adhesive strip where it can separate terms not to be used by all customers for all adhesive strips. In common law, a trademark is considered to define the functionality of the indicated origin of relevant goods and services (Johnson, 2019).
However, once the trademark lost its ability to function it no longer taken or acts as a trademark. Penalties under the Industrial Espionage Act to individuals are not less than fines of up to five hundred thousand dollars or imprisonment of up to fifteen years. For corporate defilements, the fine is higher and which amount to ten million dollars or even twice depending on the value of the secret com

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