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Solutions to Frustrating Glitches and Problems in Technology (Research Paper Sample)


Solutions to Frustrating Glitches and Problems in Technology


Solutions to Frustrating Glitches and Problems in Technology
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Solutions to Frustrating Glitches and Problems in Technology
Technology and its devices are at the center of modern societies. Since the industrialization era, technology has significantly improved into an integrated ecosystem that makes various activities more manageable. However, technology is faced with problematic errors and glitches. These adversities are frustrating and cause severe financial and data loss. Issues in technology arise from human mistakes, software bugs, and hardware overload that causes failure. Due to the crucial role played by technology, there is an inherent need to find immediate and long-lasting solutions to counteract the glitches. Thus, technological problems are resolvable through remote and on-site diagnosis, automated over-the-air updates (OTA), and the use of open-source debugging.
Remote and on-site diagnosis provide solutions to glitches in technology. According to Dexheimer et al. (2016), there is a guaranteed misuse and error occurrence with the extensive use of technological devices. However, these problems are resolvable with access to technical support systems. Availability of technical support allows early detection of glitches in software and repair of hardware. Through this, users have their issues resolved by visiting manufacturer-recommended physical locations and websites. Furthermore, by using remote service, devices are diagnosed and repaired virtually without visiting a physical location. Also, remote service is convenient and allows the use of reporting tools that provide specific glitch information. Thus, problems in technology are averted by ensuring the availability of onsite and remote diagnosis and repair.
Over-the-air (OTA) updates provide solutions to frustrating problems and glitches in technology. As mentioned above, glitches and other problems arise from hardware failure and software bugs. The glitches are due to outdated software and incompatible hardware. Rajivan et al. (2020) postulate that the glitches are problematic because they cause vulnerabilities that malicious persons exploit. However, these vulnerabilities are fixable through software updates that remove bugs and increase the stability of hardware on devices. Constant OTA updates ensure that the devices are equipped with the most recent software builds, hence reducing errors.
Problems in technology are resolvable through the integration of open-source debugging. Severe problems in many devices occur due to bugs and damage to software libraries. However, with millions of code lines, it is difficult for developers to identify and rectify the solutions quickly. Thus, manufactures and software companies need to allow the integration of open-source debugging. According to Li et al. (2019), open-source debugging gives third-party developers unlimited access to proprietary software, which allows them to perform risk assessments and identify vulnerabilities. By giving such access to third parties, there ar

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