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Sexual Assault Crisis Center: Women Freedom Centre (Research Paper Sample)

Sexual Assault Crisis Center source..
Sexual Assault Crisis Center: Women Freedom Centre Name Institution Date Sexual Assault Crisis Center: Women Freedom Centre I had the audacity to visit the Women Freedom Centre which began in 1974 by the name women crisis center was a grassroots response by the local women to solve the women problems such as rape and sexual assaults in their families. It began in the late 1960s when a group of women gathered at the common ground restaurant in Brattleboro and made a stand that women were no longer going to be used as sexual objects by the male counter parts. They decided to rent small few rooms where they would deliberate on the issues facing them as well as other economic activities. The paper examines the approach employed by the center to address the issue of sexual assault. The women formed a committee which was supposed to educate themselves on advocacy for rape victims which later led to establishment of a rape crisis center in the town which was established in the early 1970s. Most of those cases were cases of beatings by husbands and boyfriends. So as to solve the issues some of the community members decided to take women to their homes for safety and continued to look for funds and grants to establish the finds. It was in 1974 the federal government heard their plea and decides to fund the project. They members decided to rent two small apartments in the downtown of Brattleboro which was seen as a safe haven for women as well as their children who were fleeing abuse. Volunteers were recruited and trained as well as studied legal and welfare system so as to offer support to battered women and survivors of sexual assault. The centre received more than 2000 calls and supported more than 600 women and children of rape victims and sexual assault. This number was alarming as the cases kept on escalating. However, in n1981 the center faced a blow from the federal government when it decided to cut the funding leading to the closure of the centre temporally. The directors did not lose as they kept fighting for the rights of women and looked for funds from donors. They wrote many letters to the town of Brattleboro so as to obtain funds to renovate a house that would be used as a shelter. Their efforts bore fruits in 1982 as they got funding and established their women crisis center in its current location. The center is specifically working to ensure that the men stop women violence in their families. The goal of the c entre is to ensure that women achieve the ultimate goal of being free from violence and abuses of men. Interview with a legal and system volunteer staff at the centre. I had a visit to the centre on 20th April 2016 to investigate how the centre deals with sexual assault. I met Malcolm who is a lead professiona...
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