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The Preservation of Amazon Rainforest Should be a Global Responsibility (Research Paper Sample)


To investigate the importance of amazonia


Why should the preservation of Amazon Rain Forest be a global responsibility?
Course: GEO 100
Table of contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc34815518 \h 2Historical Geography PAGEREF _Toc34815519 \h 3Geomorphology PAGEREF _Toc34815520 \h 5Economic Geography PAGEREF _Toc34815521 \h 6Urban Geography PAGEREF _Toc34815522 \h 7Climatology PAGEREF _Toc34815523 \h 8References PAGEREF _Toc34815524 \h 15
Amazon rainforest or Amazon tropical rain forest is also known by the name Amazonia. It is found in South America in Amazon basin region which is estimated to be 7 Million km2 and the forest covers approximately 5.5 Million km2. . Although the major portion of the forest is located within Brazil, it is also in other nine nations including Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Suriname, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana and French Guiana. Amazon is the world’s biggest rainforest which can be said to be larger than Congo basin and Indonesia rainforests combined. Amazonia is the only world’s assorted or diverse rainforest that has contributed to a great extent the South America total biodiversity due to its large number of animal and plant species. (Antoneli 2018). According to WWF (World Wide Fund), Amazon rainforest is globally renowned as respiratory of environmental services both for the local communities and the rest of the world hence the name “lungs of the world”. The forest cycle a large amounts carbon and oxygen thus influencing to a greater extent the atmospheric carbon level and global climate (Gloor 2019). This massive forest has been a source of food, medicine and other resources such as rubber and Brazil nuts for hundreds of indigenous people who live in and around the forest. Deforestation has seen rubber extraction and timber harvesting penetrating the remotest parts of the forest in the last century. Due to the Amazon River that traverses throughout the basin, white sand ecosystem is also part of the Amazonia which presents a variety of flora and fauna (Adeney, Christensen, Vicentini, Cohn‐Haft 2016) which we shall discuss with a deeper perspective in the following chapters. Although it has a great importance to the humans all over the world, Amazonia has continued to disappear due to deforestation and this is affecting the ecosystem extensively globally.
Historical Geography
It is believed that initially the Amazon River streamed towards the west, possibly as fragment of a greater Congo (Zaire) river structure from Central Africa when the landmasses were amalgamated as portion of Gondwana. Fifteen million years back, the Andes were molded by the impact of the Southern America continental plate with the Nazca slab. The forming of the Andes and the connection of the Brazilian and Guyana substratum buffers, gridlocked the river and instigated the Amazon to be a massive internal sea. Progressively the sea transformed into an enormous marshy, non-saline-water lagoon and its inhabitants were adapted to life in the freshwater.

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