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A comparison of the cities of New York and Los Angeles Essay (Research Paper Sample)


the paper is a comparison of the cities of new york and los angeles in terms of location, human-environment interaction, movement and region.


Comparison of New York City and Los Angeles
Both New York and Los Angeles are some of the biggest cities in the US, each being home to millions of people. They are both based on the coast, although on opposite sides of the country, and are metropolitan locations with people from a wide range of nationalities. An exciting aspect of these cities is that they are both ‘busy and hectic’ since they are considered the hub of many creative and business activities. Because of their diversity, both these cities are considered as the ‘home of dream’ since many people flock to them to pursue their dreams and gain fame. Whether or not they actually attain their goals is a question that is yet to be answered!
New York is located in Northeastern, US. The city is mainly divided into five boroughs, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. NYC started as a port town since it is located where the Hudson River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. For several centuries, it has been referred to as the gateway of North America because of its strategic location. The entire city is approximately ten meters above sea level. New York covers 783.8 km2 (Barnett, 2018).
Figure 1: Map showing New York
, 2019). Some of the most iconic museums are in New York, the M

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