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What’s Killing American Black Infants? Life Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


What’s Killing American Black Infants?


What’s Killing American Black Infants
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What’s Killing American Black Infants?
Infant mortality is considered a vital indicator as far as national population health is concerned. Before swinging into today’s topic, " What is Killing America's Black infants", it is in order to define the terms, health policies and strategies. Health policies and strategies are the goals of ensuring well-being of individuals of all ages, by preventing and promoting health care practices. It is unfortunate that even though America is enjoying great technological and medical advances, the infant mortality rate {IMRI) is still very high compared to other developed countries. For the African American infants, the figures are devastatingly high. To be precise, black women are the major victims of infant mortality compared to the other races in the USA. What then causes the nightmare?

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