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FIFA 11+ Warm Up – Mobility Exercise for Rehabilitation Training (Research Paper Sample)


Research on Fifa 11+ Warm up – Mobility exercise for rehabilitation training


SPORTS INJURY MANAGEMENTStudent Class:Student Name:Student ID:No of words: 1013
Fifa 11+ Warm up – Mobility exercise for rehabilitation training
Sports Injury management is the prevention and control of an injury on an individual player to maintain the sporting activity without any risk to the body organs. Fifa 11 is a warm-up package better than the regular warm-up developed as an injury prevention program for players of age 14 years and above. Fifa 11+ warm-up package developed by a team of experienced experts based on their understanding of different injury management programs. Strengthening exercises are exercises aimed at increasing the strength of a muscle or a particular group of muscles. This article reviews some of the critical importance of the Fifa 11+ warm-up program concerning sports injury management and specific interest in strengthening exercise (Foot core strengthening: relevance in injury prevention and rehabilitation for runners, 2016).
The Fifa Medical Assessment and Research Centre developed Fifa 11+ warm-up package strategy, especially for soccer players dating back to the preparations of Fifa world competitions of 2006 (Al Attar et al., 2017). Although mostly developed in relation to soccer games having the highest number of registered participants (players, coaches, referees and officials), it has also been applied as an injury prevention program. Soccer is a contact game requiring a high level of intensity and physicality, therefore requiring a high level of fitness instead of other sporting activities regardless of the age. Most injuries occur reportedly occur within the first 15 minutes or the last 15 minutes of the game showing the great importance of an effective pre-match warm-up. Majority of sports-related injuries are because of modifiable factors that can be rectified by applying force, balance, and flexibility which are the core areas of Fifa 11+ warm-up program (Al Attar et al., 2017).
The Fifa+ has a total of 15 exercises distributed over three

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