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global warming (Research Paper Sample)

Requirements 1. Cover sheet must include Geographer’s name, title of the paper, date, and course name (number). This page is not numbered. 2. Text begins at the top of page 1. Number all pages of the paper. 3. Paper must be at least 4 complete pages in length and no more than 7 pages. One complete page = 22-23 lines of text. 4. Use 12 point font. All margins approximately 1.25 inches. 5. Double space all text. No extra spacing anywhere. 6. Paper must include an introduction and a conclusion/summary. 7. Paper must include two: maps or illustrations OR a combination. (maps and pictures do not count toward overall paper requirement of 88-92 lines of text). 8. Ending reference page must be clear and valid. Web cited references must include Title, Author, publication date in addition to web address. Wikipedia a good place to start, is not considered a reliable reference. Grading Criteria 1. Follow paper requirements stated above. 2. Overall organization of the paper and the clarity in the presentation of the analysis. E.g., Introduction, conclusion, proper paragraph construction, good transition from one paragraph to the next. 3. Extent of thoughtful, insightful, and creative analyses. 4. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 5. No research papers shall be accepted after the DUE date without a mitigating reason(s). Please choose a topic from one of the chapters that we have covered to conduct your research on. An emerging, current, or critical topic is preferred. Some examples could include sea-level rise, global warming, world fresh water supply, interstellar travel etc. etc. etc. Please have fun with the assignment and try to think a little bit outside of the box. I am less concerned about the subject and more concerned at how you arrive at your conclusions. source..
Global Warming Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name and Number Professor’s Name Date Global Warming Global warming is an aspect of climate change that entails the long-term shift of temperatures and key weather patterns. It is attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Global warming is a universal concern since it risks the lives of human beings and the ecosystem at large. However, the state is attributed to human activities, such as environmental pollution, that alter the balance by enhancing climate change (Mikhaylov et al., 2020). Most studies have indicated that human activities enhance global warming; hence crucial measures are needed to help protect the universe from greenhouse gases. The research focuses on global warming while elaborating on the causes of global warming, Causes of Global Warming Global warming emerges from the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The gases emitted entail methane, carbon dioxides, nitrous oxide, and water vapour. Greenhouse gases are emitted through human activities. An example is electricity and heat production which enhances the emission of gases. In the global environment, about a quarter of human-driven emissions occur from burning coal, natural gas, and oil to produce electricity and heat. In turn, it releases carbon dioxide necessary for coal combustion (Mehmood et al., 2020). The other example entails the changes in agriculture and land, enhancing global warming (Hemdon, 2020). Most human activities in agriculture, such as deforestation, leave the land bare hence a key target from the temperature increase. Even as the manure decomposes, methane gas is released into the atmosphere. Through fertilised, nitrogen oxide is emitted, which alters the stability of the environment hence causing global warming. The depletion of the ozone layer leads to global warming. In this case, the presence of chlorine gas in the atmosphere alters the stability of the ozone layer by allowing the penetration of ultraviolet rays. The gases usually dissociate when ultraviolet rays are present, releasing chlorine atoms that catalyse the ozone layer. The presence of aerosols in the atmosphere also encourages global warming since it scatters and absorbs infrared and solar radiation (Al‐Ghussain, 2019). Also, it spreads clouds' chemical and microphysical properties, affecting their ability to protect the earth from light rays. Global warming hence results in respiratory diseases such as asthma which alters most individuals’ breathing patterns once exposed to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, even exposure to intense heat harms the skin, thus contributing to skin cancer and other skin-related infections. Global warming is an issue that poses a negative effect on the environment. There is a need to develop critical strategies to handle the causes and consequences of global warming. However, global warming equips us with basic knowledge of the greenhouse effects and how it occurs. It offers basic information on ...
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