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How to Curb Water Scarcity can Equip Society with Fundamental Ways (Research Paper Sample)


Research, find, and describe a case of water scarcity and how. Include causes,
consequences, and potential resolutions that could reduce the amount of water waste or end
scarcity concerns.
Discuss how you will implement these ideas into your daily life or how you could support an
operation in another country. Include a discussion and details about a specific charity and
activist group related to this cause.


How to Curb Water Scarcity can Equip Society with Fundamental Ways
The World Health Organization outlines water scarcity as a global crisis affecting more than 2.8 billion people. The California drought is a notable instance of water scarcity that began in 2012 (Roggenburg et al., 2021). Water scarcity is primarily associated with the rapid climate changes resulting in extreme weather conditions, eventually leading to droughts (Dunca, 2018). The increasing population is putting more strain on water resources. Water scarcity has negative implications, such as the spread of diseases, poverty, hunger, weak immune system, destruction of habitats, and starvation. Water scarcity can be addressed through population control measures, better water distribution infrastructure, reduced chemical farming, and saving water whenever possible.
Educating society on saving water whenever possible is an important measure to address water scarcity worldwide effectively. Creating public awareness on how to curb water scarcity can equip society with fundamental ways to conserve water. Some effective methods that can be used to save water include: taking short showers, turning off the tap when brushing teeth, checking leaks in pipes, and recycling water for other home activities. The Soil and Water Conservation Society is a global organization that focuses on enhancing people to conserve water to avoid scarcity and the negative consequences of water scarcity.

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