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Polyurethane Plastic as a Low-cost Alternative for Limb Prostheses (Research Paper Sample)


conduct a research paper on Polyurethane Plastic as a Low-cost Alternative for Limb Prostheses


Polyurethane Plastic as a Low-cost Alternative for Limb Prostheses
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Prostheses aid persons with disabilities to perform activities of daily living with minimum difficulty. This practice has been done since the prehistoric times and continuously evolved over time. In the 1980s, the use of an advancing manufacturing technology led to the improvements in clinical assessment and prosthesis design (Coombes, Greenwood, & Shorter, 1996).
Manufacturers began to use more suitable materials, such as thermoplastics and advanced composites, as substitutes for traditional materials such as wood, aluminum, and leather. The discovery of these modern materials aid in the enhancement of the function and durability of the contemporary orthoses and prostheses (Coombes, Greenwood, & Shorter, 1996).
           Recent studies proposed that recyclable polyurethane plastic can be used as an alternative material to create low-cost prostheses. Polyurethane refers to the conglomeration of urethane monomers, which are chemically equivalent to the carbamate groups, that are molded during the polymerization process. Polyurethane materials can have various characteristics that can range from hard to soft elastomers. 
           Typically, thermoplastic polyurethanes are utilized in devices secondary to its high tensile strength, durability, and resistance from abrasion and degradation. Hence, making these materials qualified to be used in biomedical settings. 

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