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A Summary Of The Number Of The Participants With Respect To Their Age (Research Paper Sample)


Paper instructions:
Please review the hypothesis, survey questions, and analyze the survey results.
This research report should address the following questions, and should be written carefully, in complete sentences, without errors around the three sections provided below. Please organize the report into the three parts given above (e.g. raw data results, analysis and conclusion). Include the headings as you progress through the sections. Make sure to proofread before marking “Finished”
• Raw Data Results:
o What were your findings? Without applying any analysis explain your entire group's synthesized findings in both the narrative (i.e. descriptive paragraph) AND statistical (i.e. charts, graphs, etc.) forms, since the data you collected should adhere to both. Note: some sort of visual aid is required for this section.
• Analysis:
o What do the results mean? Do they support your expected outcome or hypothesis for this particular study?
o Was there any variation in the findings among your group members? How would you account for this?
o This should absolutely be the meatiest part of your report. This section should be the longest with all of the insights that you can glean from the raw data. Here is your opportunity to make the results mean something. It is essential that you give this section its due. Don't skimp here!
• Conclusion:
o For this final section, reflect on your overall experience with this research method. What parts did you enjoy most? Where did you find your biggest challenges?
o In thinking about the research methods that you value most as providing solid evidence, where does this particular method stand? Do you feel that this is a trustworthy approach to gathering information? If so, under what circumstances?


Research Paper
Institutional Affiliation
Raw data results
A total of 31 participants took part in the survey. Out of the 31, 2 were from the silent generation while 7 were from the baby boomer generation. 7 others indicated that they were from generation X while the biggest share of the participants, 15 to be precise, were millennials. The following pie chart gives a summary of the number of the participants with respect to their years of birth.
 EMBED Excel.Chart.8 \s 
Regarding the age at the time of their first employment, 8 participants indicated that they got their first job aged 5 to 14 years while 20 participants reported that they got their first job aged 15 to 21 years. 3 participants pointed out that they first got into employment aged between 22 to 28 years. None of the participants had an active job between 4 and 7 years old.
When it came to participation in organized activities as a youth, 27 participants reported that they had engaged in such activities while 4 reported that they had never. The participants were also asked about how often they volunteered. 6 participants indicated that they had never volunteered while 8 pointed out that they do volunteer at least monthly. 8 other participants reported that they do volunteer at least annually. 2 of the subjects pointed out that they do volunteer at least once per five years while 1 reported that they do volunteer but at least in over five years. 7 participants did not indicate how often they volunteer. Regarding citizenship, all the participants reported that they were American citizens.
The subjects in the current survey were also asked whether they have ever been unemployed for over a year. 21 indicated that they had never while 10 reported that they had ever stayed unemployed for over a year. With regard to the participants

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