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History Of Ford Motor Company Of Canada, Limited: Business Strategy (Research Paper Sample)


Assignment Description:
Using publicly available materials (Internet, Library holdings and databases) you will research a Top Employer in Canada in terms of their:
? Business Strategy;
? Human Resources practices; and
? Explore the relationship between key human resource activities and the
organization's strategy.
The paper should:
? Describe the apparent business strategy of the organization;
? Provide a brief environmental scan identifying important challenges and
opportunities facing the organization in terms of its human resources;
? Identify human resource activities and initiatives designed to address these
opportunities and challenges; and
? Explore the suitability of these activities and initiatives in fulfilling the
organization's strategy.
The paper should have a clear introduction, main body with key findings ( as above) and a conclusion.
All research must be properly referenced in the body of paper and in a reference section at the end using APA format

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction The economy of a country is influenced by the businesses that are run in that country. A country which has most of its citizens employed by best employers in the country has a good economy. The living standards of the employed people and the circulation of money in the country impacts positively on the economics of that country. Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. In this case, therefore, it has best employers compared to other countries in most parts of the world. This has an impact on the sound economic standards and consequently the living standards of the people in it. Recent news also shows that Canada is importing labor for some of the companies which are deficient in labor resources. It is, therefore, necessary to analyze one of the companies in this region and undersign the different approaches and strategies that it uses to have a positive impact on the employees. The company that has been selected or this analysis is the Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. According to the reports by the country’s list of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is listed as one of them. This will form a reasonable basis for the discussion and the research. Business Strategy History of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. The Canada branch of ford motors was established in 1904 for the role of producing, manufacturing and selling the ford models of vehicles in the Canada region and the British Empire region. Over the years the company has sold motor vehicles in a different area in the world and the home country, Canada. The first model was released in the same ear of establishment, 1904. The company was formerly a subsidiary of the ford motor vehicle company. It later acquired all the patent of Henry Ford and became the sole producer of the ford motors models. The first export sales were to Calcutta India. Late the company developed into a more significant export and locally operating firms with more strong ales each year. In the period after the second world war, the sales of the motor vehicles increased substantially increase the size and consequently the employee population in the company. Over the years, the company has gradually grown in both size and personnel/ employee. This makes it a principal employer in the Canadian region (Paul, 2011). The business strategy of Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is based on largescale manufacturing and large-scale management of the workforce. The methods implemented in this division is based on elaborately designed production lines and the market. Understanding the market and the different products hot points ensures that the company reaches its target in financial years. Most of the products manufactured in the Canada branch are consumed locally. However, the branch also serves other parts of the world (Paul, 2011). The market understanding in this branch is therefore based on local market and international market understanding. These ensure that the company receives it due in the year. In the earlier years, after the company was established, the production was based on material acquire from other producers. This shows that the output was low and the market still low. This also indicates that the company received low returns. However, it depended entirely on the presence of required material from other sources in the industry. Mostly the company was based on assembling and customizing the available parts form the market and sign them to build the cars it sold to the consumers. However, it was a good strategy since it establishes and makes a company that later was able to survive the great depression and end up one of the most strong and successful motor vehicle companies in the world. In the onset of the new millennium, the company was faced with challenges in the market and the production process. The high cost of fuel, legacy healthcare costs, and wavering economies in the world affected the purchasing power and the operating expenses of the company. This was mostly a contribution to the declined sales and profit-making cuts in the company. In 2006, the company adopted “the ways forward” which was focused on resizing the company to fit the market population and the consumption rate of the vehicle produced (Paul, 2011). The plan also entailed dropping off over 30,000 employees and poor performing models from the market. The company aimed to ensure that it retained its profitability over time and grew into a more significant company able to provide the market with the needed products, vehicles. Marketing strategy for ford. The marketing strategy of the company is based on the slogan adopted by the company: “Marketing is a creative problem-solving process. And, whether the process ends with richer customer experience, relevant brand positioning and creative which resonates with a key audience is up to you. We are here to help” (Verbeke, 2013). This slogan shows the different approach of the company to the selling and marketing processes. The company does not entirely depend on the creation of slogans and front-page headlines. It is however based on an on-going and never-ending means of understanding the consumer and their unique need in a motor vehicle. This strategy is based on the creation of a suitable relationship with the market and understanding the requirements that each unique part of the market operates on. This has enabled the company to grow ad market share continuously. The different products have performed positively in the market. Each unique requirement of the various market regions has been addressed by constant study and research of the most convenient vehicles in that region. There is a higher customer band equity on ford. This happened when the customer has more awareness of the products and the variations available in the market. It is based on the constant creation of customer awareness (Mathur, 2011). Ford is the fourth largest motor vehicle company in the world. It has reached that level using brand development, reputation, and the brand image. Over the years, these three factors have played essential roles in ensuring that the company reaches the desired market shares and profits it desires. The strategies are focused on brand awareness, market penetration, and understanding, brand association and uniqueness. All these have played essential roles in creating the business to reach its current level and promised growth in both mat hare and revenue earned over the coming years. Brand association, for instance, has helped the company operate in regions with another excellent automobile company (Paul, 2011). These associations enable the company to produce products, vehicles, in the region where the awareness is not that strong. The company also has different branches in different regions including the Canada company branch and the headquarters in Michigan. Human Resources practices. The Canada branch has over 7,856 full-time employees while the full-time global employees of the parent company have over, 199,000. This makes the company a very lucrative and influential part of the economies of the different region where it operates. There is a 3.4% of the workforce that is engaged on the contract basis to work for the company. This also increases the chances that the citizens o...
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