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Jumeirah Internet Branding Strategy (Research Paper Sample)


Objective 1:
1: What is your gender:  female  male
2: What is your age?
 Less than 20  20 - 30  31- 40  41- 50  51- 60  More than 60
3:How long have you been working at Jumeirah?
 6months- 1 year  2 – 4years 5 – 7years  8- 10years  More than 10 years
4:What position have you been work in Jumeriah?
 F&B Rooms  Marketing Finance Spa Event Other——
5: Do you think on your the daily task you manage to reach a high level of customer
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
6: Do you think that luxury brands organizations must differentiate themselves based
on customer services?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
7: Guest satisfaction has served as a measure of operational success for branding
 Yes  No  I don’t know
8: Please rank the in your opinion, the primary factors for customers to choose a
hotel are: (1 being the most important and 7 being the least important)
[ ]Hotel brand
[ ]Guest room cleanliness,
[ ]Hotel maintenance,
[ ]Employee friendliness,
[ ]knowledgeable employees
[ ]Hotel room rate
[ ]Comments from other guests online
9: Do you think people are more likely to use online advertising such as email, social
media services, and web content than traditional mass media services such as
newspapers, magazines, and brochures, or television?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
10: According to the above question, do you think this has changed the forms of the
communication process?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
11: Do you think internet helps brand to be easily recognized and target the potential
customers to the wider context as compared to mass media ?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
12: Do you think internet branding has a significant relationship with building
customer loyalty in the context of hotel industry ?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
Objective 2:
13: Do you think luxury brands in the hotel industry take quality awareness as an
important indicator to retain customers in the context of intensified market
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
14: In the contemporary world of brand management. What do you think is the
standard of luxury brands described by the customer? (Pick three answers)
[ ]Products
[ ]Experience
[ ]Brand image
[ ]Services quality
[ ]Brand awareness
[ ]Customer anticipations
[ ]Other————
15: Do you think Jumeirah can use the Internet as a medium or even a distribution
channel to reach a large number of customers?
 Yes  NO  Maybe
16: Do you think that customers can quickly obtain the brand attributes and brand
images of the hotel through the Internet, such as the official website information of
Jumeirah and customer check-in evaluation?
 Yes  NO.  Maybe
17: Do you think Jumeirah can provide customers with the best experience in the 21st
century by leveraging the Internet and providing them with “ nice and practical
 Yes  NO  Maybe
18: Do you think Jumeirah can build strong customer relationships through its brand
and identity on the Internet, gives a competitive edge to the company and refrain
customers from switching to other brands?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
Objective 3:
19: Do you think that retaining current customers is less costly as compared to
attracting newer, thus companies must work robustly to increase the brand loyalty of
the brands ?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
20: Do you think that internet can be used as the best source for gathering information
about the particular brand that determines its success and failure rate in the market?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
21: Do you think that internet branding has a significant relationship with building
customer loyalty in the context of hotel industry?
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
22: Do you think that loyal customers can be used as the competitive advantage for
the long term sustainability in contemporary landscape of intense competition and
online business.
 strongly agree  agree  disagree  strongly disagree
23: What do you think the effective customer loyalty programs that the Jumeirah can
employ in ensuring that their customers remain hooked to them and not move towards
their competitors include? (Pick three answers)
[ ]Customer loyalty rewards
[ ]Email guest the points they earned on their last spending
[ ]Sending thank you CARDS
[ ]Use social media to thank customers
[ ]Ccompany can utilize their websites to always inform the customers of any new
[ ]Other————
24: According to the above question. What could Jumeirah have done better in terms
of loyalty programs ?
Alexandris, K., Douka, S., Papadopoulos, P., & Kaltsatou, A. (2008). Testing the role of
service quality on the development of brand associations and brand loyalty. Managing
Service Quality: An International Journal.


Brand Marketing strategy of Luxury hotels: Jumeirah internet branding strategy
Submitted for Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality Management
With Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality
Glion Institute of Higher Education
March 2020
Tutor: Christelle Herbin
GIHE© has copyright permission of this document
Statement of authorship
Content of page
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc38326363 \h 31.1Background of the study PAGEREF _Toc38326364 \h 31.2 The rationale of the chosen topic PAGEREF _Toc38326365 \h 41.3 Aim of the study PAGEREF _Toc38326366 \h 51.4 The objective of the study PAGEREF _Toc38326367 \h 6CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW PAGEREF _Toc38326368 \h 72.1 Luxury brands marketing PAGEREF _Toc38326369 \h 72.2 The use of internet branding strategies to obtain customer satisfaction in luxury hotels PAGEREF _Toc38326370 \h 92.2.1 Branding and identity using internet PAGEREF _Toc38326371 \h 102.3 Brand management and brand image in the twenty first century PAGEREF _Toc38326372 \h 112.4 Customer loyalty and brand management using internet strategy in luxury brands PAGEREF _Toc38326373 \h 13CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY PAGEREF _Toc38326374 \h 151.1 Research approach PAGEREF _Toc38326375 \h 151.2 Research design PAGEREF _Toc38326376 \h 161.3 Data collection sources PAGEREF _Toc38326377 \h 171.4 Data collection methods PAGEREF _Toc38326378 \h 181.5 Target population PAGEREF _Toc38326379 \h 191.6 Sample frame and sampling procedure. PAGEREF _Toc38326380 \h 191.7 Data analysis PAGEREF _Toc38326381 \h 19References PAGEREF _Toc38326382 \h 20
1 Background of the study
In the contemporary era, more enterprises pay attention to the market brand marketing strategy. Enterprises can bring considerable additional investment and lasting cultural and social benefits through brand planning strategy. Through brand marketing, products, or services can expand by highlighting the overall brand. A company's brand can highlight the identity, values, and personality of the enterprise. By definition, brand identity refers to "ethos, aims, and values that present a sense of individuality differentiating the brand" (Chernatony, L., D., 2015). At the same time, the enterprise can pass in the marketing strategy, derive an applicable conceptual framework of the brand through the Internet; Demonstrate how the framework helps marketing planners develop successful internet-based brand strategies by organizing and integrating existing knowledge.
In this global era of success in the business industries such as the tourism industry, hospitality industry, and consumer market, as highlighted by Atwal and Williams (2017) in their article. However, if the organization is well-managed in the market, the respective brand is ultimately comprehended, which means that a brand helps gain a stable existence for the firm in the relevant market. The company can quickly achieve a dominant position (Bowie, Buttle, Brookes, and Mariussen, 2017). Kimes and Ho (2017) focused that the hospitality industry and tourism industry are two crucial markets that continuously need to focus on their development to stay competent in this dynamic and global business environment. Cohen and Chapman (2015) also shed light on this essential element. They stated that in establishing consumer relationship, branding of the company steers the company towards positive consumer behavior and sustain the provision of values and experience that is both thrilling and appealing to consumers.
Jumeirah owns 27 hotels around the world, including 11 in Dubai. The latest report generated on the tourism industry in Dubai reveals that the total contribution of the travel and tourism in Dubai is recorded as 12.1% of the total GDP and is expected to increase by 4.98% per annum annually by 2027( Kimes and Ho, 2017). According to Koronios, Dimitropoulos, and Kriemadis (2017), this rise in the tourism industry is directly linked to the increase in the hospitality industry, like the hotels market. Considering this embark in the hospitality industry in Dubai, luxury hotels have become the most attractive and significant industry that is experiencing expeditious expansion. Notably, Cohen and Chapman (2015) illustrated in their article that leisure and business are rising in Dubai due to the increased number of tourists every year. The graph below illustrates how the number of visitor population has been growing in Dubai thus contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.
Source: UAE, facts and figures (2020)
Additionally, apart from the Jumeirah hotels in the Middle East, the hotels are also spread around Europe and Asia where they have been performing significantly commendable with some of the hotels in Europe going the extent of devising ways they can be sustainable in their business. Generally, hotels in Dubai have been performing better owing to the fact that Dubai is indeed the mother country for the hotels.
In 2017, China became the top 10 investment platform for MHG. At a recent press conference, the world tourism organization (WTO) ranked China fourth in the number of tourists and ninth in tourism revenue. (WTO, 2017). It was widely seen as an unprecedented opportunity for China's tourism industry after the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Shanghai world expo. Increased disposable income, urbanization, and infrastructure development have created more investment opportunities for hotel companies. With the steady and robust growth of business and leisure tourism demand, China has become a haven for investment by multinational hotel management groups, with Jumeirah having four hotels in China by 2020. Therefore, brand marketing strategy is an essential element for the hotels to appeal and attract a large pool of consumers and fulfill their desire for luxury and distinct experience.
The study conducted by Cohen and Chapman (2015) that the hotel industry is expected to become a digital personified service industry by 2027, therefore, an increased number of hotels are planning to increase their market share through strengthening their brand image using internet marketing strategies. In this way, hotels can persuade customers to book their services online and get benefitted from their valuable strategies and additional services. The study survey shows (Castañeda García, Del Valle Galindo and Martínez Suárez, (2018) that in 2017, approximately 75% of the people used online access to international hotels whilst traveling different countries, which is a significant increase from only 12% recorded in 2015. This denotes that utilizing an internet branding strategy, and the hotels can expand a positive brand image in the market using various social media platforms or online websites.
1.2 The rationale of the chosen topic
The topic for the present study is chosen because the literature shows that there is a discrepancy between the available research about the marketing strategies of the hotel of Jumeirah, particularly internet branding strategies and how they are affecting the consumer preference and attitude towards a specific hotel. Particularly, luxury hotel brands are not highlighted in the previous literature (Brackett and Carr, 2015). However, it has a lot of potential for growth and profit and is expected to support the industry in the upcoming years. Thus, considering the research gap, the suggested topic will contribute to the industry and will guide the 5 star and 7-star luxury hotels under the banner of Jumeirah about their marketing strategies regarding internet branding strategies and how they can strengthen their potential to grab consumers to a large extent and the future of network marketing development trend.
The figure below illustrates the luxury segmentation and marketing strategies where one is for personal expression to simply show uniqueness and creativity. Second is luxury as affirmation of power to show off brands and the flashiness of the brand. Third is to show luxury as an art of living including showing it as an inherited product culture and lastly is luxury as a membership and in this segment we look at luxury as a search for respect and a reassurance of class. 026670000
1.3 Aim of the study
The study aims to explore and evaluate the marketing strategies of luxury hotel Jumeirah with a focus on the internet branding strategies the hotel uses.
1.4 The objective of the study
The research has three objectives including:
1, to investigate how Jumeirah uses Internet analytics to obtain customer satisfaction, traditional and innovative forms of market research.
2, to analyze how Jumeirah can build Brand image for the 21st century.
3, to analyze how Jumeirah builds customer loyalty through its Internet strategy.
The first objective is to investigating how Jumeirah uses Internet analytics to obtain customer satisfaction, both traditional and innovative forms of market research. In this objective the research will look into the data on internet strategies to find out how the hotel uses the internet analytics to satisfy their customers.
The second objective on analyzing how Jumeirah can build Brand image for the 21st century is meant to analyze the different mechanisms that Jumeirah adopts or should adopt in a bid to ensure that they are able to build their brand image. Brand image simply involves what the company does to establish a good impression about their products or services to the general market (Išoraitė, 2018).
The third objective is meant to analyze how Jumeirah builds customer loyalty through its Internet strategy. The objec...

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