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Linking Performance to training (Research Paper Sample)

Instructions Focus on the performance issues that could be resolved through effective training. Describe your suggestions for using the most effective training that is available to answer the unique performance issues of your selected organization. Using the aforementioned “Guidelines for Writing Papers”, write a 3-5 academic paper that describes your suggestions for a viable training and performance improvement plan. Include a minimum of two credible references that were used in your research. source..
Linking Performance to Training Name Institution Class Date Linking Performance to Training Walmart has demonstrated itself as a force of reckoning since it started. Walmart has thousands of stores worldwide with millions of employees employed. Given the pervasiveness of the retail corporation and the number of workers, performance concerns are bound to occur. The retail giant faces performance issues with its employees, including tardiness or absenteeism and inaccuracies in reporting and recording in the place of work. Absenteeism or tardiness significantly affects the corporation's productivity in any of its involved outlets. Inaccuracies in recording and reporting also bring productivity to a halt. Miscounting inventory and completing orders with incorrect numbers can cause a mishap with supply at various retail outlets. Efficient training and issues on performance play hand in hand; hence, it is essential to act as soon as possible after noticing an employee is falling short or slacking. It is vital to handle an issue as soon as it comes up, be it in absenteeism or inaccuracies in reporting and recordings, and suitable training can prove valuable in solving these issues. Absenteeism or tardiness may be a result of various circumstances. Injury and illness are very unavoidable and common reasons. Bullying or harassment may also increase a worker's likelihood of calling off or even getting to work late, trying to evade the harasser. Disconnection because of a lack of regard from the supervisors, feeling like one is being unfairly treated, or an employee feeling like they are doing the wrong job are other circumstances (Pierce, 2018). At most, little or no caring is what I observed as a cause of absenteeism in this workplace. Showing less care is coupled with little morale at work. Also, workers responsible for caring for elderly family members and children are another inevitable cause of late arrival or calling out of work. However, Pierce (2018) asserts that there are efficient training techniques that could reduce the number of absenteeism and tardiness. Absenteeism and tardiness are issues that can be handled by employing effective training techniques. Initial training must be conducted upon hiring an employee. In the orientation course, be it formal training or informal, a worker must be advised of the absence or tardy rule. It must be the management's main responsibility to ensure that every worker is aware of the rules and regulations regarding the same. Management must present clear and concise directions regarding what is standard and what is not from the view of late arrivals or missing work. Offering training on good time management can also be valuable in lowering the amount of delinquency. The training can be virtual or an in-person module that expounds on effective means to employ one's time, more so when preparing for work. If bullying is the cause of the absence or lateness, I suggest there should be communication training and team building. Managers must also be trained to identify and deal with harassment or bullying at work. Managers must also be trained in positive leadership and guidance to ensure every employee is equally and fairly treated. The other performance issue is inaccuracies. Miscalculations are inevitable, with people maintaining count and tracking various reports. Walmart has acknowledged that inaccuracies and statement errors are significant issues in the corporation. The errors may cause several issues in the corporation. In corporate warehouses, errors and inaccuracies in stock reporting may cause delays or incorrect shipments to the stores. In the stores, in case the inventory counts are incorrectly reported, there might be issues of overstocking or understocking in other items. These mishaps could cause the worker criticism if an outraged customer fails to find their item. Just as with tardiness and absenteeism, there are efficient training ways that may aid in reducing human error inevitability. Some organizations, such as, offer exclusive training to lower human error in recordings and reporting such as According to, the training provided is applicable across most corporates to aid in reducing the ...
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