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Resources Management & Role of Supply Chain Management (Research Paper Sample)


Leadership and Management Skills


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Table of contents
1.0 Description of important resources
2.0 Role of supply chain management in business
Resources play a crucial role in any organization, and effective management by a firm leads to efficiency in creating value. For organizations to achieve success in their service delivery, appropriate allotment of resources is necessary. Essential resources in an organization include human, financial and physical resources. Due to globalization, many organizations base their operations on sustainability; this has led to the focus on supply chain management for adequate consumer satisfaction and gaining competitive advantage. This research paper explains various vital organizational resources and the role of supply chain management in a firm's operations.
1.0 Description of essential resources
Human resources
An organization’s workforce is the core asset in a firm, the people involved in meeting the objectives and accomplishing the business goals. Human resources management (HRM) is mainly concerned with the output of a firm and directly impacts the operations of a business. Human resources can be external or internal. Acquiring external sources is done through the recruitment process whereby interested individuals apply for a job with the organization. The shortlisted candidates are then selected through specific criteria and inducted to the firm (David, 2011); internal resources are references by employees. The issue of HRM is a growing trend in the business field, and there is more emphasis being put on those involved in the area to enhance performance.
As a firm grows in terms of size and workforce, there is a need to maintain its competitiveness. The HRM department in any organization is concerned with all employees' affairs and is involved in developing and implementing policies, planning, recruitment, training, and advocating for employee rights (Schuler & Jackson, 2008). However, due to technological developments, the role of human resources in an organization is reduced due to their effectiveness, although they still need social skills to be operated. Therefore, social skills are still essential in any organization. Due to the developments in technology, this is a significant challenge that the HR managers need to address by creating and implementing policies that will be favorable to all. The HR department is crucial for the success of any business, and therefore more emphasis needs to be put on recruitment, training, and appraisal programs by a firm.

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