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develop a SWOT that strengths and weaknesses are internal and controllable factors that affect only the individual firm (e.g., finances, marketing, management and leadership, research and development, corporate culture, human resources). Opportunities and threats, on the other hand, are external and uncontrollable factors that affect all industry firms (e.g., politics, economics, societal and cultural trends, technology, laws and regulations, and the natural environment, such as climate)


SWOT analysis
University Affiliation
Introduction and company background
First and foremost, I have selected Coca-Cola Company as my area of research. In the year 1892, it was founded in Georgia but it was incorporated or started its business in the year 1919. It is known as the largest globally beverage company. It owns more than 500 beverages brands that are non-alcoholic. It also has various beverages which include juice, ready to drink teas and coffee, energy drinks and water. More than 200 countries are currently using the company trademark in its finished beverage products (Hansen, J. T, 2016). The company avails its beverages globally through the use of a network of the company’s owned or the controlled distribution and bottling operations. The company gets some income from the entity’s trademark which is being used by approximately 57 billion serving. The following is the company’s SWOT analysis.
The strengths and weaknesses are internal and controllable factors that affect the company. The company's strengths are brand awareness and robust distribution network. According to the brand awareness, coca cola company is widely known brands that are known across the world. The consumers of all ages are resonated by the company’s signature logo, classic and white colors(Renz, F., & Vogel, J, 2016). The company has got many financial resources that they use to carry out its marketing efforts and increase its product innovation which increases its market share much compared to other companies that are in the beverage industry. The company has also employed employees that have much technical know-how the managing of the resources of the company together with the employees that are used in the production.
The other strength of the company is its robust distribution network. The company has to make sure that it has availed their products to more than 200 countries in the world as we had mentioned earlier. The company uses its controlled distributors and independent bottlers, retailer, and wholesalers. The network enables the company to manage its cost, introduction of new products into the marketplace and penetrating to new markets. This will enable the company to be in a position to meet the demand of many customers globally (Teigeler, J., & Hahne, A. K, 2014). The company carries out research so as to be in a position to introduce the products that are desirable to their customers. The company has also to produce products that are consistent with the culture of different people globally. The network has greatly assisted the company in the following ways deliveries, market availability and the introduction of new brands in the market within a short period.
The weaknesses that are faced by the company are water management and foreign currency fluctuation or changes. The foreign currency changes affect the company since it trades in many countries which use different currencies. The company acquires income as their revenue, incurs expenses which they are responsible to pay, owns some assets which they buy from different countries and incurs liabilities in the countries they sell products (Hansen, J. T, 2016). The products used by the company are U.S dollar, euros, Japanese yen, real Brazilian, peso from Mexico and other currencies that I have not mentioned. The company is preparing reports at their end of the financial year it must translate the different currencies into the U.S dollar which is their currency where the currency may increase or decrease in its value. In the situation where the company will decrease in its value the company will incur some unexpected expenses.
Water management is also a weakness that faces the company. Water is the main ingredient in the production of the products produced by the company. Water is available in almost every part of the world since water occupies almost 80% of the earth space (Renz, F., & Vogel, J, 2016). Due to the reason water must be properly managed. In the manufacturing processes, water is vital so as to come up the products of the company. The water produces a by-product that may cause the rising cases of pollution. In the case where the water has not met the quality required may affect the overall desired products of the company. For that reason, the company profitability will be highly being affected.
Opportunities and threats are external and non-controllable factors that affect the company. The company in carrying of the activities relating to the opportunities they must consider the following factors political economical, societal & cultural, technological and others. The available opportunities available for the company include diversification and extended reach. According to diversification, the company has tried to acquire 17% equity of monster beverages (Teigeler, J., & Hahne, A. K, 2014). This will assist the company to have the variety of different products that are consumed by the consumers. By this, the company will be in a position to acquire more profits than usual. The company is also looking forward to acquiring strong merger with energy, coffee, and health drink businesses in the world.
Extended reach is also another opportunity that the company is exposed to. As population increases the company must...
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