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Case Habitat Loss, Land Use, and Conservation Research (Research Paper Sample)


Definition of Geographic terms and explanation of existence of endangered animals.


Case Habitat Loss, Land Use, and Conservation
Institution of Affiliation
Part I
Invasive species are species animals, plants or pathogens that are not native to a land and their introduction cause harm to the existing organism CITATION USD16 \l 1033 (USDA, 2016). They lead to the change of constitutes of the ecosystem. Examples of the invasive species are Zebra mussels, brown tree snake, and Africanized bees. Endemic species is a type o species whose habitat is restricted to a certain region. Therefore, if they are moved to other regions, they have fewer survival chances. Examples of the endemic species are Lemurs in Madagascar and marine iguana CITATION WIS16 \l 1033 (WISE GEEK, 2016).
Conservation measures
To make sure that there is continuity of the endemic species government have taken into consideration some several outstanding steps. They include that, the government is banning development activities near the habitat of the endemic species CITATION The131 \l 1033 (The Economist , 2013). This approach reduces the killing of the endemic species. Another approach is the regulation of the pesticides which seems to be a great threat to the endemic species. Moreover, banning on trade for the products related to the endemic species. The government has also invested in the creation of parks which serve as habitat for the endemic species. The creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulate the environment pollution is a key example of these measures. This shall ensure that endemic species still exist even beside the threats of extinction.
As the government tries to achieve these conservation measures, there are challenges associated with the whole process. The major challenge the government is the habitat loss. The government is said to have greatly invested in the areas as it has been able to create protective areas such as national parks. Examples are such as Blowies Forest in Poland where hunting is restricted.
Part II
Cougar’s existence
Land/water for a cougar.
The best habitat for the cougar is believed to be in the forest in regions which are plenty of water and thicket CITATION Liv98 \l 1033 (Living with Wildlife, 1998). In most of the occasions the animal hunts at dawn and it’s less active over the dayCITATION Hay07 \l 1033 (Haywarda, O’Brien, & Kerley, 2007). Therefore, the animal requires regions which it can well camouflage and that is within the forest. The most suitable locations with the above characteristics are the mountains, and that is where the animal lives.
Threats to cougar habitat
The greatest threat to cougar habitat is invasive species. These species create a competition for food and also habitat for the cougar CITATION Liv98 \l 1033 (Living with Wildlife, 1998). Therefore, the animal might not live in peace. Anther threat is the destruction of the habitats by the human development schemes. Therefore, the land which could be occupied by the animal is depleted for human use. If these threats persist, then cougar is likely to be extinct.
Role of international trade to protect cougar
Cougar skin is used in various ways. Thus, it makes it at a risk of the poachers. The international trade union has therefore banned the trade for the animal products. This regulates the poaching activities which could likely threaten the existence of cougar CITATION The131 \l 1033 (The Economist , 2013). As observed from the United States such laws are fully enforced and thus protect the animal.
Part III
Cost, Benefits, and Measurements
The cost of conservation of t...
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