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Association of Overparenting in Perfectionism of Parents to Young Adults (Research Paper Sample)


journal summary aimed at critisizing overparenting


Journal Summary
Journal Title: Overparenting is Associated with Perfectionism in Parents of Young Adults.
This study is aimed at scrutinizing overparenting behaviors towards young adults and adolescents who are viewed capable of managing the tasks and challenges affecting them. The introduction also defines overparenting that it involves the enactment of developmentally inappropriate parenting behaviors. The research is designed to test the prediction that overparenting is associated with parental perfectionism. It is also revealed that there were two studies performed where parents were complete filing reports based on perfectionism and overparenting. The results revealed a strong and consistent positive association between parental perfectionism and overparenting.
The primary aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that perfectionism is associated with overparenting. On the other hand, the secondary aim of this investigation is to evaluate the association between overparenting and related parenting practices in an effort to gain greater insight into the nomological network of parenting constructs in which overparenting is embedded. Parenting is a transactional process involving the exchange of behaviors between parent and child.

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