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Understanding the Blindness Defect (Research Paper Sample)


Paper DescriptionPrompt: Blindness occurs worldwide. Choose a country, other than the United States, and research their treatment of the blind. Would a blind person, especially a child, have more or fewer opportunities in their country than the United States? You need to provide a minimum of three references, with one being from an academic, peer-reviewed journal article.
Requirements: Minimum of 750 words; APA format.
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Tanasha K. West
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PSY 342
Professor C. Parks
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Blindness defect
Blindness defect
Blindness is a well-known defect around the world that has affected many people around the world. It hinders vision by affecting the eyes. Some types of blindness reversible, while others are permanent. Likewise, blindness can affect persons of any age, whether young or even the aged. Most affected victims have failed due to a lack of proper treatment and substandard healthcare systems.
Causes of blindness
Being blind can be brought about by several factors that can be physical, genetic, or even other environmental factors depending on age. Significant causes of blindness are;
Cataract. A cataract is a white alike layer that forms a layer on top of the eye's clear lens, reducing vision. It is common to come across cases where it affects both eyes. It is the leading cause of blindness.
Inherited retinal dystrophy. It is a disorder that depending on the pattern of gene composition and inheritance. It is caused by one of more than two hundred and seventy different genes. Sometimes loss of sight is gradual, which finally causes complete blindness.
Age-related muscular degeneration. It is a condition that blurs the sharp central necessary for certain activities such as reading by affecting the macular. It often affects the aged and can be corrected by drugs such as Aanti Angiognie that are injected into the eyes using laser technology. Congenital disabilities. Infants can be born with certain defects. They can be either genetic or caused by prenatal, postnatal, and perinatal. Similarly, Anphothalmes microphthalmos, congenital cataract, and neuro-ophthalmic genetic composition also cause blindness.
Treatment contrast
The treatment for blindness varies from one country to another, depending on development rate, civilization, and infrastructure. The United States is among the developed countries with the most modern healthcare systems. They have proper facilities that can adequately cure blindness or correct partial blindness. Blindness is not curable; hence there have been recent technological inventions that could change the world. Recently, healthcare facilities in the United States were approved for genetic procedures to reverse blindness caused by genetic disorders. Bionic eye treatment technology that was recently introduced in the United States restores minimal vision yet still expensive, costing up to over fifteen thousand dollars for a single session.

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